Provo Police Submits Case to County Attorney

The Provo Police Department turned over their completed investigation file regarding an alleged rape incident by a 17-year-old girl involving several men she claimed were BYU football players to the Utah County Attorney's office at 8:30 this morning and released a short statement that did not indicate what they found.

Capt. Brad Leatham, chief of detectives with the Provo Police, said in a prepared statement: "On the case concerning a recent report of rape involving a female juvenile and several suspects, we have reached a point in our investigation where this case has been taken to the Utah County Attorneys Office for their review.

"The file," the release stated, "was given to the County Attorney's Office at 0830 hours on today's date, 08/31/04. The assigned county attorney will be reviewing this case and making a determination as to whether there were any violations of law that took place and whether any charges will be filed. We have no further information that can be released at this time."

Utah County Attorney Kay Bryson told this afternoon he had not yet read the police report and would not provide a time frame when they will determine whether any criminal action is warranted.

"We'll be reviewing it (police report) in the next day or two," Bryson said.

Though he would not confirm nor deny anything beyond the police statement, Capt. Leatham was asked if this case would have been sent to the County Attorney's office even if the charges were unfounded because of its high-profile status with the media, he responded with a succinct "Yes."

Bryson confirmed that "sometimes when there are cases that draw a lot of media attention, they will send it us to review and make a preliminary determination."

TBS has received unconfirmed reports the alleged rape incident involving BYU football players was fabricated by the female minor.

Bryson was asked yesterday if criminal charges would be filed against the female if they were proven to be false, he said he could not comment until he had reviewed the file from the Provo Police Department.

Filing a false police report is a misdemeanor.

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