No BYU Football Players Suspended for ND Game

Utah newspaper and radio reports that three BYU football players were suspended for the Notre Dame game are incorrect, BYU coach <b>Gary Crowton</b> said today. "No players have been suspended. There was nobody who was suspended from the (Notre Dame) game. There were some players I elected to redshirt this week."

Crowton confirmed no action has taken place regarding a recent rape allegation by a 17-year-old who claimed she was sexually assaulted by BYU football players. The Provo police have completed their investigation and turned over their file to the County Attorney's office for further follow up – if any. Neither the police nor the County Attorney has indicated whether any charges will be filed or whether Cougar football players are involved.

"We're waiting for the police to investigate. We've decided to redshirt some guys and just see how the investigation turns out." Asked how many players may have been involved, Crowton said, "I'm not going to give any numbers."

Crowton's quotes from Monday's press conference:


"I'm just going to see how John (Beck) is and see how he practices. I have Matt (Berry) who played well and has experience. It's too early in the week to tell if I'll use Jason (Beck) or Jackson Brown yet. I'll just have to wait and see if John can go."

"With Eddie Keele, it's nothing to do with any physical injury other than he has something that makes his heart beat pretty hard at times. He's taking some medication for it and he just needs to regulate that. He'll be fine once he does that. It wasn't an injury to a joint or anything like that. Doctors will look at him to see what that situation is. We don't want this thing to keep occurring. So if they say he's OK, then he could start this week against Stanford. They'll have to do some tests first. They put something in his chest to monitor him and we'll see how that comes out."

Regarding who may start in Keele's place, "(Gary) McGiven or R.J. (Willing) will both play if Keele can't go. Willing played for McGiven later in the game and we really like how he did out there."

"I felt like we did a good job in the red area. We were one for one there. We were able to throw the deep ball well. We had three deep balls that were successful and I don't think we had any last year. I felt like our underneath passing game was sharp, for the most part. Guys were where they were supposed to be. We had some young guys run some stuff incorrectly that hurt us on some third downs that stopped some drives. I felt like the tight ends did a good job. Daniel (Coats) had some good grabs and Dennis (Pitta) had a good one on a third down. I didn't like the penalties. I thought we could have gotten rid of the ball a bit quicker on a couple of the sacks. We have some stuff we can work on and we'll get better in those areas."

"Matt Payne is so athletic. He has the ability to punt on the move and he runs real well. If we can get guys down there, then I can really get him to unleash a long kick and even direct it away from people. I noticed that Wofford did when they played Air Force, So I sent coach (Paul) Tidwell down to Wofford to talk to them. Other teams such as Clemson and South Carolina have been down there as well. Coach Tidwell went down there and liked it. We decided it was something we could use to really aid Matt with his kicking ability and also to help us get more speed in coverage. We're still waiting to see what teams do to counteract it, but we like how it worked Saturday night and I felt it helped us win the game."

On having the seven guys spaced out on the line with three blockers lined up just in front of Payne on the formations: "It gets your faster guys up front so they can get down there faster to cover – while some of the guys who can block better stay back. The separation they have up front lets them release earlier and not be as bunched up."

"We want all of our starters to be available on at least one special teams' coverage unit, but not more than two. Todd Watkins was able to do some things in there and Chris Hale did some things well when he was in there; (Rod) Wilkerson as well. (Brady) Poppinga was in there on a coverage as well."

"I was happy with how Bryce Mahuika played. He did a good job catching the ball on punts."

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