Trey Bryant Possibly Weeks Away from Verbal Commit

One of Texas' most coveted defensive tackle prospects -- and one of BYU's top recruiting priorities -- basked in the sights and sounds of BYU's upset of Notre Dame at Provo last Saturday, but he wasn't the only Berkner High School (Texas) football player checking out the Cougars. His high school teammates watched the primetime ESPN game and were equally impressed with BYU's smothering defense.

"When I got back home to Texas, all my teammates came up to me and said how great a defense BYU had," Trey Bryant said.

The 6-2, 295 pound defensive tackle said, "I got to Salt Lake Saturday morning and was picked up by the graduate assistant, Justin." Bryant said. "He took me to the Marriott Hotel and I took a shower. I then went over to B.J.'s (Mathis) house and visited with him, his mom and uncle and then went over to Legends Grill to get some food. I met up with coach (Todd) Bradford there. We then headed over the field to get ready for the game."

What happened next is what Bryant called the "best part" of the trip. "I walked down the tunnel during warm ups and people started yelling my name." Bryant recalled. "I couldn't believe people knew who I was. It made me feel like I was already apart of the team."

Bryant then went up into the stands to watch the game and was really impressed with the way BYU played. He also mentioned how great the crowd was and how into the game they all were. He said a few more people yelled his name there too.

"BYU's defense really fits me well." Bryant said, "I like the way they play. After the game, coach (Steve) Kaufusi told me that if I get a little faster, that I can play both nose tackle and defensive end."

After the game, Bryant went back to his hotel where he had a midnight curfew. The next morning he met with all the coaches. "They didn't pressure me to verbal right then. They just told me how much they wanted me to come to BYU and how well I'll fit into their system." Bryant said. "I then went and hung out with B.J. the rest of the day and flew back to Texas on Monday."

Bryant said he originally wanted to hold off from making his verbal commitment until after the football season. However, after speaking with a close friend who just committed to play basketball at Oklahoma State, it made him want to commit soon to get the recruiting hassle out of the way.

"I'm going to take my trip to Arizona on September 17." Bryant said. "Hopefully after that I will be able to decide and make a verbal commitment. Right now my top three schools are BYU, Baylor and Arizona – with BYU as the leader."

Interestingly, he said Notre Dame recently entered the recruiting picture and he was told they may offer him a scholarship soon.

A reporter asked him if recent honor code problems BYU has experienced with non-LDS and one LDS player could affect his commitment decision?

"The whole situation at BYU will not affect my decision at all." Bryant said, "I know BJ didn't do anything. He (BJ) still loves it at BYU and keeps telling me how I need to come to BYU."

Asked Tuesday if B.J. Mathis' redshirt announcement had anything to do with a current alleged rape investigation in Provo, Bryant responded "No. B.J. is the one who suggested to the coaches that he redshirt. He said he wants to get bigger and faster for next year."

Bryant's mother, Sonja, says she is still concerned about these investigations possibly involving BYU players.

"I was expecting to go with Trey to Utah, but at the last minute BYU told me that I didn't have a plane ticket." Sonja said. "I called the coaches and said, "You better take care of my boy. He is coming up there clean and I want him to return home to me clean.'"

Both she and her son admit she wants him to select a college close to home like Baylor. "I've heard a lot of rumors about BYU." Sonja said. "I hear some people say it's a rich white school. People in important positions are telling me things like that. Also BYU fans have been sending mean emails to B.J. about the incident and it has hurt his feelings."

As much as she wants her "baby" to stay close to home, she said it's going to be his decision. "I told Trey I've lived my life and he has to live his." Sonja said. "If he wants to go to BYU, that's fine. If it all falls in on him, it is his own doing. I told him he has been taught the right things and he knows how to stay out of trouble," she said.

"He keeps telling me how beautiful it is in Provo and how much he likes it. I've always taught him that it doesn't matter what color people's skin is, because we all bleed the same. Trey has never cared what color people are. He is like me. He likes people for who they are and what they do."

She noted that missing the trip to Utah was a blessing in disguise. "I believe the Lord didn't want me to go so Trey would know what it was like at BYU without having his mother there with him. It was good for him."

So far this season, Bryant's team is 1-1 and he has 14 tackles (10 solo, 4 assisted) and one blocked field goal. "The two teams we've played are run-oriented teams." Bryant said. "So I didn't get any sacks yet."

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