Curt Crowton Addresses Stanford Issues in Practice

BYU head coach <b>Gary Crowton</b> was unusually brief during a press conference today that was scheduled for 30 minutes, but only lasted six. He appeared a bit frustrated, but did not expound on much – keeping his answers short and to the point. He said he will address the issues that concerned him with his coaches and players.

"I was very disappointed with the lack of consistency and the mental errors. These are things we will address as a coaching staff this week. We'll work on it during practice. We'll address it there," a serious Crowton told reporters.

When asked at how he will specifically address the mental errors and lack of consistency, Crowton responded curtly: "We'll work on it in practice; any other questions?"

Regarding the playing status of starting quarterback John Beck, Crowton said, "After the game he was a little bit sore, but we expected that. He should be ready to go this week."

Crowton also noted he expects backup Matt Berry to be ready as well. "John Beck will be No. 1; Matt Berry No. 2 and Jason Beck No. 3. I expect all to be ready to go." He added that Berry's hand, injured after only three plays in the Stanford game, is "not broken. It's just really swollen and that is why he wasn't able to grip the football."

On a brighter note, he said he was pleased with third team signal caller Jason Beck's performance, which cost him his planned redshirt year of preparation. "He showed me that he has poise back there. I was pleased with how he did being the third quarterback with no experience."

He outlined the specific moments of the Stanford game that concerned him most. "I felt that we got down after the kick return (for a touchdown) and didn't recover after that. We sort of lost our composure. That and the penalty on the missed field goal changed the game. I was disappointed in some of the issues that were obvious. The turnovers and the penalties are something we will address. "

Looking ahead to USC this Saturday on ESPN primetime, Crowton said, "It's a great opportunity to have a team like USC play in our home state. They're obviously a great team. They're a great challenge. They're good. They're really good. They're just very athletic at all positions."

On a final positive note, Crowton noted they came out of the Stanford game relatively healthy and all players who played against Stanford would be probable against USC, including defensive end/tackle Manaia Brown.

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