DE Ryan McBean Favorably Disposed to BYU

With defensive ends <b>John Denney, Shaun Nua</b> and converted linebacker <b>Brady Poppinga</b> graduating after this season, BYU will be in the hunt for a few top quality defensive ends in their next recruiting class.

Meet Ryan McBean, a 6-5, 275-pound defensive end who played prep football at Trinity High School alongside current BYU offensive guard Ofa Mohetau.

"Ofa started playing when he was a freshman and I had the chance to watch him play. Then, when I started with him my sophomore year, we had a whole lot of talent on the team. We had Robert Gilmore, Oliver and Lester and them, but Ofa brought recruiters to the school.

McBean, who is currently playing at Hinds Community College, added, "Back then I got recruited because he (Mohetau) was No. 1 and they came to watch him – and their eyes kind of wandered. It was pretty cool. We would be in the locker room singing songs before the game, singing Trinity's anthem. We used to turn off the lights in the weight room and the locker room before the game, and just sit in the darkness and chill talking about and reminiscing about past games. We all had our moments, you know, but we always came together as one."

He fondly recalled the days he and Mohetau "went head to head. When you see him, tell him he and I gotta go head to head one more time," he joked.

McBean said he continues to stay in touch with Mohetau. "We email each other and keep in contact. He wanted to know what I was doing with my life because he was telling me that out of the 2003 football team, there are only three of us with our football pads still on, me, him and Chase Weber (Colorado State). Ofa was telling me to keep my head up and to do my thing," he continued.

And what does BYU's top 2003 recruit say to his former teammate? "He told me it's pretty cool (at BYU) and he liked the fact that he started (as a freshman). I told him I saw him starting during Colorado State, doing his thing. He was just telling me how cool it is and how different it is than high school; how he loves the fact he's getting the opportunity to play," said McBean.

McBean is again catching the attention of college recruiters around the country. "I play at Hinds Community College and I was a freshman starter," said McBean. "I've started from the first game to the end of the season. We went into the championship game and lost that by three points, but I got player of the week with three tackles and three sacks."

"Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Southern Miss, North Carolina and BYU have contacted me. Oklahoma State has told me they are very interested and I've talked to them on the phone a lot to their defensive line coach and he's a pretty cool guy."

When asked which schools are currently his favorites, McBean replied, "Oklahoma State and Ole Miss, they're up there; like, highly up there, but no offers yet. I don't want to commit until I play my last season at Hinds so I can finish up good."

McBean admitted BYU has an ace up their sleeve that could lure him to the Cougars if they want him. "Man, I'm not going to lie to you, playing football with Ofa is like, you know you're going to knock some teams over with somebody like Ofa on it. You know you're going to win when you got guys with the ability to put you in the game. I always wanted to play with Ofa, but if I'm playing against him, I would love that also. I would rather go to a school where someone on my team already goes because I won't feel alone. If I go to school with Ofa, it would be good because he's my boy and I've known him since high school. We've played together, fought together and made up together so to have that chance has crossed my mind," he said.

One reason McBean is an attractive JC prospect for Cougar coaches and other college recruiters is because of his physical abilities and classroom performance. "I run my forty in 4.8 and my shuttle is 4.41. I bench up in the 355's and squat 465," he said. "Coming out of last year, I had one "C" the whole year. To date, I have a 3.5 GPA."

Asked what he is specifically looking for in a Div. 1 college team, he replied, "I'm looking for a team that wants to win. I'm looking for coaches that want to win. I want to feel comfortable with the coaches and the players. I want to know that I'm going to be able to get my degree. My major is business," McBean commented.

McBean asked to relay a message to Mohetau, his former high school teammate. "Tell Ofa to keep his head. Keep doing what he's doing; break some records and I'll be right up there with him in a year. Tell him after I get through with school in a year, I might be playing right alongside him," he concluded with a smile.

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