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A lot of you have known us for a while now. You've also known us by several names, including Though we've always left forwarding addresses, we haven't exactly made it easy for you to follow us around the Web. That's changed. We've changed our name again, but made it much easier to remember:

No more remembering "the," or to pluralize Insiders. And know what we do? We Scout. We Scout players, whether they be on the high-school level, prospects for college, in college or the pros. We Scout games and events and report back. "Scout" also connotes some things in which we believe strongly around here -- trustworthiness, timeliness, reliability, loyalty.

We've changed our name because we wanted a stronger association with what we actually do. Plus, to be honest, it was time to give you and your fingertips a break. In spite of our previously mind-bendingly difficult and keyboard-challenging name, you have helped make us the largest independant college sports network online and the largest publisher in the nation of team sports magazines. Your loyalty has provided us with in excess of 1.75 million unique users per month, more than twice that of our competitors. Many of you found us via our content partners - Yahoo!,, FOXSports and CBS SportsLine - to whom we syndicate more than 1,100 pieces of content daily and who give us an additional reach of 38 million sports fans per month.

This is quite a climb for us in just three years. We were the first to aggregate team content-providers and recruiting information in 1998 and really revolutionized the embryonic online sports media industry, as well as coverage of college recruiting, mainly through our invention of the player database. We took some lumps when the whole Internet bubble burst, but we're now back stronger than ever with the same executive and technology teams that built the first world-class, world-wide network, as well as the best football and basketball recruiting experts in the business.

And we continue to grow, in terms of features and association. Also on our network, you will find an announcement about our becoming a sponsor of the U.S. Army All-American Bowl. This development will provide a boon for our members in terms of coverage of football prospects. Our access to the best prospects in the country will be in-depth and exclusive.

Our involvement in this game will help us showcase the top team of football scouts and recruiting experts in the business – more than ably led by Jamie Newberg and Allen Wallace. Their team became the first in the industry to introduce its list of top 100 prospects with video of each player.

We also are extremely proud of our basketball team, which is led by national editor Dave Telep and is unrivaled in our industry. The hoops team also includes Jeff Goodman, Greg Hicks, Chris Monter, Tracy Pierson and Mike Sullivan, all of whom are superstars in their own right and the most highly respected experts in their field.

We've also ratcheted up your access to our massive coverage with a few technological developments. We now have a feature, accessed at, which allows users to receive email alerts whenever breaking news is posted about their favorite players, prospects and recruits and, even, members of their fantasy teams. Your imagination is the only limit to the usage of this new feature. The list can be accessed on any site on our network. You can add players to your list by clicking a link in the upper-left corner of any player page. You also can track the commitments to your favorite college teams.

We are pleased to offer these enhancements – led by our change to – to our loyal users. We are confident that our combination of glossy, color, feature-oriented publications and our comprehensive, realtime coverage online is unbeatable. You've demonstrated your agreement with your support and, for that, all of us at are grateful. Our switch to and our bowl sponsorship are a launching pad for future growth and success. We invite you to keep following along. You'll know where to find us.

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