BYU Recruiting "Superman" from "Showtime's" Home

South Garland High in Texas produced BYU true freshman wide receiver <b>Antwaun Harris</b>, or "Showtime" as he was affectionately nicknamed by his former teammates. Now the Cougars are hot on the recruiting trail of a cornerback at the same school referred to by his teammates as "Superman."

South Garland‘s "Superman" is only 5-10, 175 pounds, runs a 4.25/40 and is otherwise known as Matt Harding.

"They call me Superman," Harding explained, because of his blazing speed, adding that Antwaun Harris earned the ‘Showtime' nickname "because every time he stepped onto the football field it was ‘Showtime.' Antwaun was always going to make something happen. We all knew he was going to make it happen."

Harding says he still talks to his friend and former teammate Harris, who has told him how his experience at BYU has been so far.

"I talked to him about three weeks ago. He told me how hard he's working in practice. He said that the first time he took a visit up there he was really excited and he's ready to do big things and make big plays and things like that.

"Me and my coaches looked him up on the Internet to see how he's doing. We're all pretty close with each other and with everyone who went to college," Harding added.

He said Harris filled him in about BYU's stringent Honor Code and said he did not have any issue with it. "I don't get in trouble. Antwaun said, ‘You can't come up here and mess up. You can't mess around up there.' I'm a good guy. I don't get into trouble," Harding said.

Harding confirmed he is currently being recruited by Utah, Boston College, Kansas State, Purdue, Arkansas, Iowa , Iowa State, Texas A&M, North Carolina and BYU.

"They (BYU ) send me letters weekly, daily," Harding said. "I have a whole bunch of letters from them, and I haven't really had much of a chance to talk to them yet. I have talked to them once or twice."

Harding noted "they (BYU) haven't offered yet, but Boston College has and Utah said they were going to offer pretty soon."

When asked about the possibility of playing with Harris, he responded, "I think that would be pretty exciting. We go way back and we're already good friends. I would already have somebody to help me around the school and keep me in line and keep my focused.

Harding also pointed out that both BYU and the University of Utah along are also looking at other teammates from his South Garland team.

"We have a lot of great players on our team. We're in competition right now and we have two other DBs (defensive backs) that are pretty much as good as me, if not better," he said.

Utah, he said, is looking at Raymond Pendleton, a 6-0, 180 pound 4.5/40 wide receiver that recorded 60 receptions for 800 yards and nine touchdowns last season. Pendleton bench presses 270 and squats 410 and currently holds a 2.9 GPA. He will take his ACT test later this fall.

He confirmed that BYU is also looking at Pendleton along with 6-7, 280 pound offensive lineman Nick Richmond, among others. "I think they're (BYU) looking at James Bradley and Josh Burris also. James is the corner on the other side of me and he's a 4.3 runner. He's quick with his feet and fast. Josh is our free safety. Last year he was All-State and that's pretty much the write up about him. They're both good players but they‘re not quite Superman yet," Harding joked.

"On the bench, I do 270 pounds. I squat 405, power clean 275 and I incline 215. I have a 2.57 GPA. I took the SAT at the end of last year and the first time I scored 890. I plan on taking the ACT this December. I want to take the SAT one more time to see how high I can get, but yes sir, I'm qualified," said Harding.

"Right now I play corner and kickoff return. I have one interception and I'm thinking around 35 tackles and one forced fumble."

Though wide receiver coach Todd Bradford handles BYU's recruiting at South Garland, BYU offensive line coach Jeff Grimes played high school football at South Garland.

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