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Inside the Student Athletic Center (SAC), sports information director <b>Jeff Reynolds</b> informed BYU football coach <b>Gary Crowton</b> reporters were on the field waiting to speak with him. It wasn't too long before Crowton trotted down the stairs from the second floor of the SAC to a wet field to answer questions on a cold and rainy day. The following TBS member questions were asked and answered:

TBS member Michael Hawkins: "What defensive preparation will be different this week with Air Force as the opponent? How does the 3-3-5 differ from a more traditional defensive set as far as responsibilities for stopping the option? Who will be assigned the all-important job of containing the second option quarterback in the 3-3-5?"

Crowton: "You know when it comes to the option a lot of things go out the window whether it's 3-3-5, 4-2, or 4-3, or whatever. What we do is run an option defense and Bronco (Mendenhall) has three or four different option defenses that he's very familiar with and will choose from. He'll mix it up so they won't have a bead on which one he's going to do."

TBS member Jared Smith: "I saw Ofa (Mohetau) in at right tackle and guard against "Dub..Y..O" (did anyone else hear that inane chant?) Is that permanent? I thought he was redshirting?"

Crowton: "Right now, he is redshirting. At right tackle, it was Jake Kuresa."

TBS member Jim Barrus: "During the Wyoming game, some noticed that the redshirt freshmen were not on the sideline. If this is true, would you please respond?"

Crowton: "That had nothing to do with anything at that time. They've been on the sidelines before, but as we get later in the year, we just feel like they didn't need to down there; any of the freshman."

TBS member Brandon Clarke: "Any particular reason we don't do much over the middle? It seems all of our plays are to the sides, as opposed to our myriad of crossing patterns of days past?"

Crowton: "We do, but we've got good outside receivers. The defenses we've faced have dictated more outside throws, but we do throw over the middle."

TBS member Garry Montierth: "Is (John) Beck suffering from Turf Toe?"

Crowton: "Yes, but it's healing." (Crowton chuckled at the question).

TBS member Allan Staker: "If John Beck's passing doesn't improve, at what point will (Matt) Berry go into the game, even for a limited number of series to get Beck's head back in the game?"

Crowton: "John's (Beck) our quarterback right now. I have confidence in Berry, but right now John's our quarterback -- and I think he will improve."

TBS member Clint Johnson: "With the injuries to (Brandon) Heaney, (Spencer) White and (Jon) Burbidge, will we see the redshirt pulled on any players?"

Crowton: "No. We've already seen Dustin Gabriel a little bit more; David Tafuna will play a little bit; O'Neil Howell, maybe; Kayle Buchanon; and maybe Greg Lovely. Those are the guys that are going to be battling to get some spots in there. Whoever rises up will win in that group."

TBS member Garry Montierth: "I thought I read somewhere that Beck is suffering with a toe injury (turf toe?). Could that be the reason he is not stepping into his throws very well? Has it changed or helped to change his throwing mechanics? One of the reasons he is overthrowing so many receivers now? Is it affecting his running? Is it affecting his foot movement and set up?"

Crowton: "I think the biggest thing is he's had a hard time pushing off with his toe and it has affected his running, but it's healing up and I expect him to get better from now through the rest of the season."

At the end of the limited time session interview, Crowton smiled and graciously departed.

TBS will continue this "Fan Speak" weekly interaction column with Crowton until the end of the season. Sorry if your question was not asked and answered. Next time …

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