Son of Former Oakland Raider Star Waiting on BYU

The son of <b>Burgess Owens</b>, a former Oakland Raiders starting free safety on their Super Bowl XV championship team, is "hoping" BYU will offer him a coveted football scholarship.

"That would be great; that's what I'm hoping for," says Brett Owens, a 5-11, 190 pound running back/free safety from Pennsylvania.

"I have a sister who goes there now and she loves it down there at BYU. I only see her like maybe one or twice a year, but she says she really likes there," Owens said.

Owens is currently putting together a highlight tape for the BYU coaching staff. "They want me to send some tape to get a good look at me because they don't really recruit out here unless they think you're a big name recruit," he added.

Schools currently looking at Owens are West Virginia, Hofstra University, Massachusetts and Northeastern.

With football a big part of their family tradition, Owens readily admits his father's NFL football experiences played a big part in his personal football development. "He comes to the game, watches them and gives me pointers after the game. He likes to critique everything I do and it's just something I've grown up with."

Owens added, "He played for the Jets and the Raiders. I don't know all the years off hand, but I know he went to the Super Bowl with the Raiders in 1981. I think it was the 80-81 season. They won Super Bowl XV against the Eagles; the only Super Bowl the Eagles have been to."

"He (father) gives me a lot of pointers on everything because I play defense too. The biggest thing he wants to see me do is hit people early on in the game and make them scared. He says hit them early and they'll be watching you the entire game. He says, ‘If you come through and really kill a kid,' like get a good hit on him, he says he will always be looking over his shoulder trying to figure out where you are."

Playing for West Downingtown High School, Penn., Owens has received recognition for his gridiron accomplishments in the talent-rich Chestmont League.

"I was All-Chestmont last year. I was also part of the "Golden 11" for this year. It's like the top 11 area players in the league, Chester County," Owens noted.

With a bench press max of 285 pounds and a 555-pound squat, Owens hopes he can use his powerful legs and 4.5 speed to keep the family football tradition alive.

"I play strong safety. My dad played free safety. He was a running back in high school like me. In college, they switched him to defensive back and then he got drafted as a defensive back," he said.

"Earlier in the year, I averaged two touchdowns a game, but we really didn't have a good season this year because a lot of guys got hurt. One of our tackles broke his ankle before one of our games."

Downingtown also lost their starting quarterback and another running back starter to injury. "My season's still fine. I average over five yards a carry. I don't get the ball as much as I did last year because we've changed the offense around; we're more of a passing team. My hands are one of the best on the team so they want me to catch the ball more. I catch the ball out of the back, upfield and pretty much everywhere now," Owens continued.

"I average, I think, 20 yards a catch. I think I've scored 10 or 11 touchdowns. This year I don't average as much, but last year I ended up with a little over a 1,000 yards last year. I think I averaged 19 carries for a little over a 100 yards a game," Owens concluded.

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