Eddie Scipio Makes His BYU Intentions Clear

"They've (BYU) been faithful to me, so I will be faithful to them."

Those are reassuring words indeed for many Cougar fans from a former a junior college All-American cornerback and special teams star from Allan Hancock College, Calif., who is expected to enroll January as a mid-year scholarship recipient.

Eddie Scipio, a 5-10, 175 pound cornerback star from Bethlehem, Penn., confirmed to TotalBlueSports.com he plans to suit up in Cougar blue next season.

Scipio signed with BYU in February, but did not graduate on schedule when he took time of school to be with his ailing father. He completed make-up courses over the summer and this fall and is expected to graduate later this year with his Associates degree from a junior college he is currently attending in Pennsylvania.

Last year, Scipio generated all kinds of media headlines as an extraordinaire kickoff return specialist and a shut down cornerback.

"I averaged around 50 yards per kick return." Scipio said. "I had one kickoff returned for 102 yards for a touchdown, which was a school record, I returned an interception back for a touchdown, and I was the 8th best cornerback prospect in the country."

Many colleges – including Kansas State, Michigan, Washington, San Diego State and New Mexico, among others – actively recruited Scipio and lost interest when his lagging academic progress became evident.

BYU, however, hung in there and still sacrificed a valuable scholarship in February knowing fully that he would not qualify this year.

"They (BYU) were with me from the beginning" Scipio said. "I liked that and committed to them early. I told them I would be there with them to the end."

Scipio noted that he hasn't heard much recently from BYU coaches, which has him wondering what's going on. He has since received another scholarship offer from BCS school Connecticut.

"My mom lives out there (Connecticut) so I decided to give that school a look, just in case BYU doesn't come through," he said. "If all goes as expected, I will be going to BYU in January, but if they don't want me I would go to Uconn.

Scipio visited Connecticut several weeks ago and liked what he saw, but confirmed that BYU remains his first choice.

He said he had a great recruiting trip to Provo last year and was hosted by Curtis Brown. Scipio said he hasn't been able to follow BYU much this year because he has been working out hard with a personal trainer, his old high school track coach. He said he watched the Notre Dame and USC games on TV, adding that it made him all the more excited to play for the Cougars.

Based on what he did as a junior college star, Cougar fans can expect big things from Scipio next year. "I think I will start at corner next year for BYU. I felt I could have started for them this year. I think I am the best cornerback in the country. I'm just an athlete who makes big plays.

"In high school, I led my basketball team in points, blocks, steals, assists, and rebounds. I can dunk one or two handed, I've won gold medals in track, I played in the "Big 33" (top high school football All-Star game in Pennsylvania)," he said.

Scipio said he simply needs to complete up his classes this semester so he can transfer in January.

He said although he hasn't heard much from the BYU coaches recently, he's not concerned because they are busy with the season. The last coaches to contact him were assistants Brian Mitchell and Barry Lamb.

Scipio, who has exceptional 4.4/40 speed, will have two years of eligibility left when he attends BYU.

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