FanSpeak: Crowton Answers TBS Subscriber Questions

BYU coach <b>Gary Crowton</b> answered questions directly from inquiring <b></b> subscribers in this week's edition of "FanSpeak."

Michael Hawkins: "What contact have you had with Ben Olson since his return? I trust that someone from the program was there to meet the plane?"

Gary Crowton: "I don't know if he got released today, but at the time he had not been released. He called and talked to our director of Football Operations (Duane Busby) and said he hadn't talked to any universities at this time. He is going to go watch a local game with his dad at UCLA, but I have not had any contact with him. I want to give him a chance to stay with his family; just get home off his mission; and get reacquainted with his environment and his family. I owed him that. I look forward to talking with him when he's ready."

Ryan Orgill: "Do you feel Big Ben (Olson) will let 11 million Mormons down if he goes elsewhere (tongue in cheek)?"

Gary Crowton: (Chuckling), "No, I don't. I think Ben is an outstanding young man that we would love to have come back here. I feel like wherever he goes he'll represent the Church well."

"How does a coach decide when it's appropriate to dismiss a redshirt year when a guy hasn't played two thirds of the season? What role do you see (Jonny) Harline playing the rest of the year (since he was first activated in the Air Force game)?"

Gary Crowton: "We never told him (Harline) he was going to redshirt, but when we had an injury to Philip Niu, the team needed to make sure he was ready to go and he's practiced hard, done well and really developed. His opportunity has come and hopefully he'll make the most of it. We just have to do what's better for the team first."

J.R. Wall: "What is your favorite play in the playbook?"

Gary Crowton: "The touchdowns… I did like the play against Air Force; the post to Todd Watkins. Yeah, that was one of my favorite's this year."

"Is BYU still your "dream job?"

Gary Crowton: "Absolutely."

"Favorite movie?"

Gary Crowton: "I like a lot of different movies, but when I was younger I liked ‘Cool Hand Luke.' That was one of my favorites as a kid. Now as an adult when I need to get away, I like ‘Water World' and ‘Dances with Wolves' because they're in an area where there are no people around. I kind of like those sometimes."

Ken Lovell: "Coach, I have three questions and one request: "What specific changes will be made in recruiting practices to conform with BYU's stated commitment re character and academics?"

Gary Crowton: "Well, I'm supportive of our administration. They're trying to make things better for all athletics. We feel like we've always recruited people with character, but what we're trying to do is make sure we can recruit, have a winning program and have the least amount of problems off the field as possible. That is what our administration is looking at. I am supportive of the studies they're doing to see if there is a way to make things better for this university."

"Do you believe BYU will be able to compete for the conference championship and a possible BCS level bowl with these athletes of character?"

Gary Crowton: "Yes. I'm very supportive of them. I know our administrators Fred Skousen and Tom Holmoe and those guys want to win. I know they're looking at the best interest of the program so we can move forward."

"Can we please go back to putting the player's last name on the back of their jerseys?"

Gary Crowton: "I would think about that."

"Would it be too much of a distraction to give Matt Payne the opportunity to carry the ball from the fullback position to score from inside the red zone?"

Gary Crowton: (Chuckling) "You know what, he would probably do well, but if he got hurt and couldn't kick we would probably be in trouble."

James Stout: "Our blitz package doesn't seem to be getting to the quarterback of late. Is there a reason for that? Are we showing too early?"

Gary Crowton: "No, a lot of teams are trying to max up their protections because we've gotten to them in the past. I think we will evolve and adjust to that."

Garry Montierth: "How many basic plays does BYU run throughout the season? How does that number compare to other schools?"

Gary Crowton: "We have a base defense and a base offense we start everything out of. Probably our base pass plays are probably about eight; our base run plays I would say there are three. Everything else comes off of that."

"What is your thought process in determining how many new plays, what kind of plays, and when to introduce them to the team and in an actual game during the season?"

Gary Crowton: "From an offensive side, we always look at our scheme verses their defense. If we need to adjust to make the plays work then we add a new play to adjust that or complement what our base play is. Usually, I don't want too many where our guys can't handle it. The more veteran players you have, the easier it is to handle."

Brandon Clarke: "I remember about (Mike) Borich passionately demanding that receivers block well and even gave an award to the receiver with the best block each game. A lot of Staley's long runs are a credit to that. Having watched and re-watched games since then, I've noticed that receivers don't do a particularly good job here, especially with our quick out screen passes so dependent on the other receivers blocking. What is the difference between now and then?"

Gary Crowton: "I don't think there is any difference. We do everything the same."

Rich Davis: "Is there any chance of bringing out old ‘throwback"' uniforms just for one game? Think of the intimidation factor and try to picture (Todd) Watkins catching the long ball in the '96 blue and white trimmed in black.

Gary Crowton: "Well, it's hard to do because of financial reasons."

Sean Stohl: "I think it is evident that people can see improvement in the players as the season has gone on. One thing I think people could overlook is the coaching staff becoming more in tune with one another as the season has progressed. What are your thoughts with how the coaching staff has come together?

Gary Crowton: "I think the coaching staff is excellent. I just feel like the chemistry is well and they work well together; they communicate well, the players are comfortable with them; and I think the future is bright."

"True or False? End of the second half, were you feeling your mo-jo? Mo-jo meaning you were feeling your oats -- a little bit of swagger -- with the way the offense was clicking? As a fan, I was feeling my mo-jo that second half."

Gary Crowton: (Chuckling) "Yes, absolutely."

Tom Partridge: " Could you please clarify the eligibility status of Moa Peaua? Is he gone after this year or will we get to see him again next year?"

Gary Crowton: "He's a junior and he has another year after this one."

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