The posting of today's article marks the end of my tenure as editor and publisher of <b></b> and <b>TOTAL BLUE SPORTS</b> magazine. I announced my intentions to my TBS partners more than three weeks ago to focus on other business ventures, but agreed to continue until we had a new editor in place.

I am delighted to introduce my replacement, Scott Paul, who will assume the editorship of both TOTAL BLUE SPORTS and immediately. This move has been almost a month in the planning to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

Scott has been a TBS subscriber since 2002 and has served as one of our most reliable and consistent TBS magazine copy editors. A native of Maryland and a BYU graduate, I recommended him for the position because of his consistent and dedicated efforts.

He joins TBS' staff team with nearly two years experience as web publisher for the NASDAQ stock market where he supports the NASDAQ website. Scott can be contacted via email at

A final piece of business is the TBS partners are happy to announce that columnist Rob James has also been elevated to the status of TBS Staff Editor with Bradley Corbett.

For my part, I will continue to be a frequent message board and chat room visitor and will write occasional articles for both the TBS website and magazine. I am both proud and grateful for the opportunity to learn and participate in helping to make TBS the success it has become as the largest independent sports website and publication covering BYU sports exclusively.

Having just completed production for the December issue of TOTAL BLUE SPORTS magazine, it was the appropriate time to formally make this announcement.

I am particularly indebted to my fellow TBS partners Jedd Parkinson, Talo Steves and Brandon Gurney for the unique and special relationship and friendship we have shared since we teamed up in 2002.

More than anything else, I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to serve the Cougar Nation during its down years. Like many other veteran BYU observers, I forecast sunny days and blue skies in the months and years ahead.

My thanks also go out to CEO Jim Heckman; chairman Brian Kosar; Citadel Publishing general manager Alan McDonald; vice president Joel Cox; Fieldhouse creative director Jay Torrell; and art director Shannon Kalow for their collective support and assistance since we launched TOTAL BLUE SPORTS in August of 2003. For the website, we are deeply indebted to the consistent support we received from staffers Chris Fetters, Monika Samek, Bryan Knoll, Anessa Dobberstein and Stephan Miller.

We would obviously not be able to function efficiently and effectively without the ongoing support of BYU's athletic administration. A heartfelt "mahalo" is extended to Val Hale (former BYU athletic director), Duff Tittle, Jeff Reynolds, Tom Holmoe, Peter Piling, Fred Skousen, Brett Pyne and Duane Busby.

Also, a huge expression of gratitude goes to our volunteer director of photography Troy Verde, whose visual contributions essentially made TOTAL BLUE SPORTS magazine the great success it is.

Similarly, we would not be where we are now without the little-known contributions of graphic designer Eric Nelson, who designed all TBS' logos; and site programmers Sean Roylance and Kelly Baker.

I would be remiss if I did not mention by name these editorial contributors who helped to provide excellent content and editing for TOTAL BLUE SPORTS magazine and TBS' website: Jon Bagley, Rex McBride, Douglas Ross, Jeff Ruffolo, Bradley Corbett, Brentt Eads, Mark Pedersen, Jonathan Huckvale, Mike Christensen, Knute Christensen, Kevin Curtis, Mike St. Clair, Ben Cahoon, Tai Root, James Dickson, John Harmston, Jason Smith, Forrest Allred, Cheryl Brown, Dean Robb, Scott Collie, Ted Smith, Derek Morris, Brooke Poppinga, Patrick Walch, Paul Pocock, Lafi Brunner, Courtney Holzendorf, Molly St. Clair, Rob James, Talo Steves, Brandon Gurney and Jedd Parkinson.

As with any print publication, the invaluable behind-the-scenes efforts of our excellent copy editors – Ron Safsten, Scott Paul, Bryan Jeppsen and Wade McAferty – cannot be overstated or underestimated. They made a lot of people read better.

The fact that all these individuals provided their talents, time and professional expertise as volunteer contributors speaks volumes about where their heart and loyalties lie as BYU fans and supporters.

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