Josh Burris: Puttin' on the Hits in Garland

TBS spoke with South Garland High's All-State safety prospect Josh Burris. Burris talks about his season, his buddy at BYU and who's showing interest in him as recruiting season heats up.

South Garland High School, yes, the same high school that's given BYU true freshman starter Antwuan Harris, is chock full of talented D-I prospect football players. BYU is currently looking at four starters who man South Garland‘s gridiron roster.

Meet Josh Burris. A 5'11", 180 pound, 4.45 forty, free safety prospect with a 260 pound bench and a 425 pound squat. Burris, a quiet and humble young man, who, unlike his former teammate Antwuan Harris [ShowTime] and current teammate defensive cornerback Matt Harding [Superman], doesn't possess a nickname which suit's the Garland High School star just fine.

"Naw, I really don't have a nick name," Burris said. "I did have 89 tackles though. It's not as much as I had last year but it's alright." Last year, Burris burst out onto the Texas scene and was hoping to follow up on his success as a junior.

"Last year I had 122 tackles on defense," Burris said. "I did have two interceptions on the year though. I returned both of them for touchdowns." His 122 total tackles during his junior year garnered Burris All-State honors in the state of Texas. Burris followed up on his junior year season with an All-District performance for the DMN region and is a top 100 prospect for the area.

"Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado State, Colorado, SMU, Mississippi State, Tulsa, Tulane and I think that's about it. Houston, Texas A&M and BYU I think are also interested," Burris continued.

"Mississippi State, Tulsa, and SMU have offered me," Burris said.

Burris readily admits he speaks with current BYU wide receiver Antwuan Harris on a regular basis. "Yeah I just talked to him today and he just said to keep his head up and to just do the recruiting thing," said Burris who continues to kept track of Harris' college season performance when ever BYU is televised on the local channels. "We talk about the season we had; we talk about his season. He said he was doing good."

"We watched him a couple of games on T.V.," said Burris. "We call him all the time and after the games to see how he did. He does talk to us about coming up there a lot. We're probably going to see him up there this weekend."

With BYU playing the University of Utah this week, and with both teams recruiting corner back Matt Harding and wide receiver Raymond Pendleton, Josh Burris is going along with his friends and fellow teammates on an "unofficial" trip as they take their official recruiting trips to Utah.

Said Burris: "We're going up there. I think it's supposed to be me, Raymond [Pendleton] and Matt [Harding], so we all three are going to go up there and we'll see Antwuan [Harris]. I think Raymond [Pendleton] is being recruited by Utah and they play BYU this week, and I think he's going to take me with him. I think they're also recruiting Matt [Harding] too. We'll probably head up there Friday. It‘s not an official trip for me but for Raymond and Matt it is I think."

Along with Utah, BYU is also in the recruiting mix for the services of the "Garland Four."

"They've been to the school, Mike Empey," Burris said. "They talked to all of us [Matt Harding, Raymond Pendleton, Josh Burris, James Bradley] personally. They told us to keep making the plays basically. They [BYU coaches] want us to all come down there for a recruiting visit. I think we're all thinking about it."

The thoughts of playing with former teammate and current BYU wide receiver Antwuan Harris has been discussed among the four of them.

"Yeah, we've thought about it; we might, you never know," chuckled Burris.

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