Chatting with the Coach

BYU Head Coach Gary Crowton sounds off on how his team is handling the loss to New Mexico. He shares what he feels went wrong against the Lobos and talks about getting up for a crucial rivalry match-up with the School North Of Town.

TBS visited with BYU Head Coach Gary Crowton earlier this week and talked with him about how the team is responding to the disappointment against New Mexico as it prepares for a rivalry showdown with the School North Of Town.

"Well they weren't happy with the loss, but I felt like had a good practice yesterday and it wasn't a very long practice," said Crowton of the teams reaction to their fifth loss of the season. "We'll see today, we heavy practices which will be today and tomorrow. I think they'll respond well."

Coach Crowton talked about some of the things that went wrong in the New Mexico game. "Well, we can't miss field goals and drop passes," explained Crowton. "I think we did have two fumbles after catches and then the one interception after a tipped ball. Those are the things you try to eliminate. Fahu's [Tahi] fumble couldn't quite get it up there. You know the ball was down and he was trying to get a first down and couldn't quite bring it up high enough. He just couldn't quite get control and then the last play of the game offensively guys just trying to make a play, freshman Antwuan [Harris]."

Crowton indicated that perhaps the turnovers didn't concern him most. "I didn't feel like those were the issues that were the worst thing," the coach admitted. "I just felt like we just need to make plays. I knew they [New Mexico] were going to be good and we just needed to make plays and we didn't make enough."

Will having a game against archrival Utah help the team bounce back from a disheartening loss? "Absolutely, you feel that rivalry," Crowton declared. "I mean, I'm thinking about this game as soon as that other game is over, you know. I just got them in the locker room because you can just feel how important this (Utah) game is in this state. It‘s huge and it‘s exciting and I think our guys are excited about it.

"You feel the excitement. It's almost like the beginning of the season you know. You feel that excitement."

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