Recruiting Update: Spencer Hafoka

TBS caught up with Kahuku High star Spencer Hafoka just after he returned from his trip to the Wasatch Front. The stand out Wide Receiver shares his thoughts on his trip. He also fills us in on where things stand in the recruiting battle for him.

Total Blue Sports spoke with superstar widereciver Spencer Hafoka, moments after he got back to his home in Hawaii from his recruiting trip to the University of Utah.

"I loved it," Hafoka said. "I had a great weekend. I was hosted by my friend and old teammate Afa Garrigan. We played together in high school. He told me how much he loves Utah."

Spencer Hafoka, whose brother Saia plays for BYU said he was a little torn on which team to root for. But decided to root for Utah, because that was the team he came to watch. He said he was able to see his brother Saia for only about 10 minutes because he was so busy checking things out at Utah.

"I was really busy." Hafoka said. "I toured the campus, meet with the coaches, meet the players. I had great seats at the game right below the Jumbo-Tron."

Spencer said he really liked Utah's offense and said that he would fit in at Utah just like Steve Savoy. He said he could take the reverse, the option, or go deep.

In Kahuku's first playoff game this year against Aiea High School Spencer had 9 receptions for 178 yards, and 4 touchdowns. His team has continued to advance and has only 2 more games to win state. Kahuku plays this Friday against Leleihua high school.

Spencer is not done with his recruiting visits either; he recently set up his official visit with coach Kafusi at BYU for Jan. 15th. He said choosing between BYU and Utah is very complicated and will not be an easy decision.

"It's so hard." Hafoka said. "It's just going to be a mess. My brother plays at BYU, and that would be fun to play with him, but I wouldn't mind playing at Utah for the experience and to try something different."

Spencer said right now the biggest thing with each school is the head coaches. He said both schools seem unsure on what will happen and he wants to sit back and wait to see what happens. As of right now he is still considering Oregon St. and Colorado. He said he still gets letters from Stanford, but is not sure what their deal is.

Either way Spencer won't see the football field for a few years, because he plans on leaving on his mission right after high school, in either June or July. He said he will then come back and probably red shirt. His grades are all in order to qualify along with his SAT.

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