The Longest Christmas Eve.

TBS interviews a rare east coast BYU recruit. Cougar fans will be interested to read about Brett Owens, an intriguing Pennsylvania prospect with NFL heritage.

Out of Downingtown High School located in Pennsylvania, an LDS all purpose back recently received a very exciting phone call from a BYU defensive coach.

As a 5'11", 190 pound running and catching offensive play maker, Brett Owens spoke with BYU linebacker's coach Barry Lamb. According to Owens, Coach Lamb wants to fly all the out to Chestmont County to visit with him and his school.

"No they haven't offered me a scholarship yet, but a recruiter said he was coming down on Wednesday," said Owens. "Coach Lamb is coming down. He said they were going to come visit me and check out the school and everything. Then next week he was going to come again because my family is out of town this week, so he's going to come visit me this week then come visit my family next week."

Owens, a life long BYU fan and son of former NFL Raiders' great Burgess Owens, hopes there is more to Coach Lamb's two long flights east to Pennsylvania than a friendly chat.

"That would be sweet if they offered me," Owens said with excitement. "That would be awesome and that's what I'm hoping for. That's where I want to go.

"He called my cell phone and asked if I was going to be in town next week because he wanted to stop by, and I told him I was. He said he wanted to come and speak to me and see what my area was like."

An overly excited Owens can't wait to meet with Coach Lamb. If an offer does come to Owens, there is a very good chance Owens will commit on the spot.

So what does Brett's NFL veteran father think about his son going to BYU? The younger Owens said: "He [Burgess Owens] wants me to go there," said Brett. "My parents both want me to go there because I have a sister that goes there now, especially my dad. He grew up down south in a very liberal environment, and he's like, ‘I want you to be like this and this,' and I'm like, ‘Calm down dad.'"

For his final year of high school football, Owens ended the season with good personal stats in the talent-rich area of Chestmont, Pennsylvania despite playing behind an offensive line depleted by injuries.

Owens concluded: "I ended up with 96 carries for 600 and some yards. I just know my average was 7 yards a carry, and pass wise, I don't know how many yards I had pass wise but all I know is I ended up with over a 1,000 total yards. I ended up with over a 1,000 total yards which I'm excited about, but I wanted a 1,000 in rushing, you know."

TBS will check up with Brett Owens after he's had his visit with BYU coach Barry Lamb. For now the waiting game is on with Owens feeling like a kid facing and the longest Christmas Eve ever.

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