To Be, or Not to Be [UPDATED]

The Cougar Nation awaits word on the future of the BYU head coaching position. BYU announced a press conference at high noon on Wednesday December 1st, 2004 in which the "state of the football program" will be addressed. In the hours leading up to the much anticipated event, fans will be abuzz with speculation about what will be announced.

Not to be?!!

Sources are reporting to multiple news outlets that Gary Crowton's tenure as BYU's head coach is over. It appears that, for the immediate future, Lance Reynolds will skipper the storm tossed ship that is the Cougar football team.

How will the shake up affect the rest of the coaching staff? How long will Coach Reynolds retain his new responsibilities? How will the coaching changes affect recruiting?

Our men on the ground, Talo Steves and Brandon Gurney, will be at today's press conference representing TBS looking for answers to these questions and more.

Check in with the TBS message board and chat room throughout the day for reports from Brandon and Talo on the press conference proceedings as well as other developments.

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After nearly a season of uncertainty, Cougar fans will finally have a definitive answer about the future of head coach Gary Crowton. However, that may be all they have.

There are three likely scenarios for Wednesday's press conference:

1) Gary Crowton's services are retained by BYU. The press conference is just a pep rally at which the administration throws its support behind the coach for the 2005 season.

2) Gary Crowton's services are not retained by BYU and his replacement is announced. The press conference will bid farewell to the outgoing coach and welcome in new leadership.

3) Gary Crowton's services are not retained by BYU and his replacement is not announced. The press conference is a formal farewell to Gary Crowton and another conference will follow shortly to announce the new coach, OR the conference is a formal farewell to Gary Crowton and the official announcement of the search for a new head coach.

Which scenario will play out tomorrow? Will the athletic department throw fans an unanticipated curve? TBS will have the answer to all these questions and more. Get news as it breaks and discuss the day's event at TBS on the message board and in the chat room.

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