TBS Exclusive: Recruits React to Crowton Departure

Uncertainty in the leadership of a football program can be detrimental the ability to recruit. Few recruits are willing to commit to a coach who may not be around when practice starts. TBS gets the inside scoop on how Gary Crowton's departure and the still unstable coaching situation at BYU is affecting Cougar recruits.

Will the coaching change at BYU have any effect on the recruits that BYU is currently pursuing? Total Blue Sports checked in with one current recruit and one current Cougar commit to gauge the reaction.

BYU tight end recruit Vic So'oto weighed in with TBS on the coaching move at BYU, and updated us on his current situation.

"Having Coach Crowton step down does affect my decision," So'oto admittied. "I've heard rumors that Andy Reid was going to be the new head coach but it's only a rumor. We'll just have to wait and see who the new Cougar is.

"In general my recruiting is going great. I'm going to SDSU this weekend and U of A [Arizona] next weekend [both official visits]. More colleges are starting to recruit because my tape is getting around. I'm still interested in all the schools that have offered and are still currently recruiting. As far as a favorite goes I still don't have one but things are subject to change."

TBS also touched bases with Eddie Scipio, a JC cornerback, who has already verbally committed to play for the Cougars.

"Yeah I heard the news about Coach Crowton," Scipio said. "Coach Lamb was actually here at my house visiting me yesterday [Tuesday], then today [Wednesday] he called me and told me Coach Crowton stepped down."

Last time TBS did an article on Eddie, he was unsure if BYU was still interested in him because he had not heard much from the coaches. But since that article was published, Eddie said he hears regularly from the coaches.

"Yeah the coaches are still in contact with me," Scipio said. "And I still plan on going to BYU. They have told me even with Coach Crowton gone that my scholarship is still there for me. Although I won't be able to transfer to BYU in winter like I had planned, I will definitely be there for fall practice."

Eddie said that he is running and working out like crazy, and said he is faster and stronger then ever before. When asked whether he would be at fall camp for sure, in light of the fact that he has already planned to come twice and had to push it back, he responded, "I am 100% sure I will be there in the fall."

Scipio also said that he doesn't expect any changes to the rest of the current Cougar staff.

"Coach Lamb said that only Coach Crowton was stepping aside, and the rest of the staff would still be there," Scipio said. "But no matter who they hire, I will be faithful to BYU, as long as they still have a scholarship for me."

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