Picture Getting Clearer for Thunderbird Star

Chased by BYU and Utah, Timpview High School athlete Luke Ashworth weighs with Total Blue Sports on his recruiting thoughts and current to the head coaching changes by both universities.

Considered one of the top athletes in the state of Utah, Luke Ashworth is a hotly contested prospect that patiently waited to see how things unfolded with the coaching situation at both BYU and the UofU. With Utah head coach Urban Meyer going to the Gator's of Florida and Lance Reynolds replacing Gary Crowton as the interim head coach, the choice has been clarified somewhat.

"I have a good relationship with him [Lance Reynolds]. I talk to him a lot and he expects a lot out of you, but at the same time he wants you to feel relaxed but play at the best of your ability," said Ashworth. "He's a really good guy. He was over at my house on Monday. He talked about the different situations that were going on with the coaching changes. He said he wasn't sure what was going to go on but he said he would let me know, and he did. He let me know about it and I just think he fit's the spot perfect because he's been working there for 20 some odd years and I think he would fit the spot well. He's been there for 22 years and I can't picture someone else who deserves it. I think he can really change things around."

Having played his high school football with Matt Reynolds, son of coach Lance Reynolds, Ashworth had developed a relationship with the coach who often attends his son's high school football games. "I think he [Lance Reynolds] is such a cool guy," Ashworth lauded. "You can talk to him about what ever you want. He was telling me he wants his players to be real comfortable, and would even allow his players to go over to his house to play video games if they wanted. He wants to be connected to his players because he's that good of a coach. He wants to have that kind of a relationship with them."

Because of his relationship with Coach Reynolds, Ashworth is more serious about attending BYU than ever before. "It makes me a lot more interested because I have a lot better relationship with Coach Reynolds than I did with Coach Crowton," said Ashworth. "I don't know if that was because of his busy schedule, but coach Reynolds has talked to me a lot more. I just had a better relationship with Coach Reynolds and I felt a lot more comfortable with him. I just didn't know or how my relationship with Crowton was but because of my relationship with Coach Reynolds, it definitely improves me wanting to go to BYU."

The uncertainty of Utah coaching situation, and the relatively more stable coaching situation at BYU, has also helped make it more clear for Ashworth in terms of which school has a more predictable future at the moment. To Ashworth, this is very important when it comes to deciding which program better fits his football skills.

Said Ashworth: "I believe it does because you have a strong foundation at BYU. You know what's going to happen now, but at Utah you don't really know if the system is going to change or not. At BYU they've had that same system for a long time, and at Utah that system might change. I'm still open minded towards Utah, but I don't feel as confident."

Ashworth finished his senior season by helping to lead the Timpview Thunderbirds to a State Championship and finished up the season with some very impressive numbers. "I believe it was 62 receptions for 1,105 yards as a receiver with 17 touchdowns," recalled Ashworth. "Then on defense, I believe, it was like 45 tackles with 3 interceptions. I had 3 sacks and I think that's about it."

Once Ashworth decides to commit, he'll then figure out if he will leave directly on a mission or possibly wait and play a year before leaving. He met with BYU wide receivers coach Todd Bradford to discuss and plan his options for future plans.

"I'm still deciding that today," said the 18-year-old. "I spoke with Coach Todd Bradford in his office today [Friday, Dec 3rd]. He said that there are benefits. He believes I should play my first year and then leave in January, so when I get back I'll have eight months to prepare. If I just left in June which is when my birthday is, I'll only have a few months to prepare, so that would be kind of tough. So, I'll probably play a year first."

With fellow teammate Matt Reynolds currently on a recruiting trip to Arizona State, both Ashworth and Timpview running back Harvey Unga will be tripping to BYU this weekend prior to their Utah trip in January. "Harvey (Unga) and I are both going on a recruiting visit to BYU next week and then we will be visiting Utah in January," Ashworth said.

Fellow teammate, Timpview quarterback Steven Covey, already committed to BYU, and Ashworth is more sure he'll likely be following his quarterback to BYU than he knows about the others BYU is recruiting.

"I'm not sure really with Harvey [Unga], he still has an open mind towards Oregon, and, with Matt [Reynolds], he's on a recruiting visit at ASU right now, so he's pretty open minded about it too," Ashworth observed. "I think I'm more narrowed down than the other two. I'm leaning more towards BYU right now."

"I believe I'll commit [to a school] in January sometime, but I have more interest in BYU right now," Ashworth concluded.

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