Offensive Lineman Discusses Options

Utah prep product Tony Bergstrom is very much on BYU's recruiting radar. After an official visit to the Provo campus, Bergstrom is also very aware of BYU. TBS chatted with Bergstrom about his visit and recruiting decision.

To commit or de-commit, that is the question for region MVP, all around MVP and Utah First Team All-State defensive linemen Tony Bergstrom.

Skyline High School is home to one of the top defensive linemen in the state of Utah in 6'6", 260 pound D-tackle/O-linemen Tony Bergstrom who had committed to the Yewts while Urban Meyer was at the helm. Now having recently visited BYU on a recruiting trip things don't seem so cut and dry anymore.

"It's not easy man, and it's getting harder," said Bergstrom.

After committing to Utah, Bergstrom decided to take a trip to BYU although Urban Meyer had told him not to trip to any universities. Something Bergstrom hadn't had any issue with despite having a chance to trip to Boise State University. Now that Urban has left Utah for greener pastures, Bergstrom has exercised his tripping options.

"Out of state, I'm thinking of going to Air force, but I don't know if I want to make that commitment," Bergstom said. "I was thinking of going to Boise State but I kind of burned some bridges there. When I committed to Utah and when I did that Urban Meyer gave me the, ‘Don't talk to other school and don't go on unofficial visits,' thing, and I was going to up Idaho for this vacation and I told the coaches that I would drop by at Boise State and met them, but that never got to happen because of the whole commitment thing with Utah. I don't know how that's going to work out with them in the future, but I'm a little bitter with Urban Meyer about that right now."

Bergstrom made his first instate recruiting trip to BYU and will be meeting with coach Whittingham about setting up an official trip to Utah soon.

"I went to BYU over the weekend [Dec 10-12]," said Bergstrom. "A lot of guys from Timpview High School where down there, Harvey Unga, Luke Ashworth and Matt Reynolds. Then there was a player [Palauni Ma'Sunm] from a junior college [Fresno CC] that was there.

"I really liked it down there. It seemed like a really great school with great facilities. At night we had a player host and mine was Philip Niu. He's a good guy and I really like him a lot. He's a character and has a colorful personality, so Niu was my host and then during the day I toured with Coach Reynolds and coach Grimes a little bit."

While touring with Coach Reynolds, Bergstrom received some counseling on what kinds of things to look for when making that all important choice on where to attend college.

"We just talked about the kind of environment that's at BYU, and the kind of people you're around and how that's important and how that's gotta be one of the biggest parts when choosing a college," said Bergstrom. "Which is true and I think it's a good point. It's a lot easier to do well in school and to be a good person when that's the kind of atmosphere you're surrounded by."

Bergstrom go to know Coach Lance Reynolds fairly well through the recruiting process, and has become somewhat attached to the BYU coach.

"You know, I really like him. I think he's a good guy. Coach Reynolds is the guy who offered me and I feel bad for him being over looked for the head coaching job, but I can see why the picked Bronco to be head coach. His kids have the most unusual names though!"

One of the impressive campus features BYU coaches showed Bergstrom was BYU's new football facilities.

"You know I was very impressed," Bergstrom confided. "I thought they were the top of the line. The training room and the weight are top of line. They went through and showed us some of the stuff in the weight room. There were machines there that there are only three in the world and two of them are in Sweden."

So what is it about the University of Utah that attracts him?

"Utah is great," said the Salt Lake native. "I went up their camp over the summer and to the Yewt Shoot. They've got really good facilities and got a great weight room. The practices I went to were very disciplined, which I love. I'm a discipline guy, but I'm a really big fan of coach Whittingham and love what he's done up there."

Now with his trip to Utah in the works the decision to go to family favorite Utah or to his church college at BYU will only get tougher. Bergstrom, who will serve an LDS mission, indicated that he will take some time to think and pray before making his final decision.

"I haven't withdrawn my commitment to Utah at all and I haven't changed anything," Bergstrom stated. "I'm just kind of sitting in the middle right now."

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