TBS Editorial: BYU Needs Coach Lance Reynolds

Total Blue Sports has read printed reports and received word through our own sources that the future of Assistant Head Coach Lance Reynolds at BYU is unsure. Of all the stories and rumors that have come out of BYU since fall camp began, this news is the most disturbing to us. TBS wishes to convey our sentiments on the matter.

Lance Reynolds' credentials and qualifications have recently been presented for public scrutiny. We hope BYU fans took the opportunity to peruse Coach Reynolds' resume. It is quite impressive: Granite High School star, All-WAC offensive tackle, NFL draft pick, NFL player, running backs coach of four 1,000 yard rushers, running backs coach for the 1984 BYU National Championship team, returned missionary, husband and father. To this list Reynolds can add accolades from Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid, Philadelphia Eagles Pro Bowl tight end Chad Lewis, USC offensive coordinator Norm Chow and 29 year BYU Head Coach LAVell Edwards

Coach Reynolds could be heard on a Utah radio station's call-in show each week during the 2004 football season. Those who listened heard not only a knowledgeable football coach, but an intelligent, perceptive, witty human being as well.

It is the opinion of the staff at TBS that BYU needs Lance Reynolds.

Coach Lance Reynolds is the last great bastion of institutional knowledge on the BYU coaching staff. With so much talk of late about restoring the tradition of excellence to BYU football, it would seem essential that the team retain someone who was a part of leading the teams that first developed that tradition. Coach Reynolds is the only man on the coaching staff that has climbed the mountain and taken in the awesome summit vista. He's been there and back again. He knows the way. BYU needs his direction if it is to retrace its steps to the zenith of college football.

No other member of the coaching staff was a part of the offenses that redefined how schools around the nation approach the game. No other member of the coaching staff can claim to be the first BYU football player to return from a full time mission and then go on to play in the NFL. No other member of the current coaching staff was a member of the staff that took BYU to the pinnacle of the college football world in 1984.

With men of character like Coach Reynolds, money is never the final issue. For an institution, however, money can be used as an expression of appreciation, interest and commitment. For this reason, we at TBS implore the Cougar boosters to loosen the purse stings and pony up for the coach. Make sure that BYU is able to extend a token to Coach Reynolds that is commensurate with the full level of appreciation and commitment felt by the institution and its supporters.

We surveyed our TBS subscribers for messages to Coach Reynolds in the current situation. We conclude with excerpts from their responses.


I just want to add my support to you and your family. I know this has been a hard time for you and your family but I want you to know you are appreciated. I appreciated the time you have spent with my son Chris. And even though you didn't have to go overboard and be nice to me you treated me very well while Chris was being recruited etc. He had nothing but great things to say about you as a very knowledgeable coach and as a great person. I want you to stay for selfish reasons. You are the type of person that I want my son to be coached by. I hope you stay at BYU, but if you decide to move on I hope for nothing but the best for your family and you. BYU football would not be the same without your guiding hand.

Richard Warner (Father of BYU running back Chris Warner)


Coach Reynolds,

I want to let you know how impressed I am by you as a coach and as an individual. You have weathered some pretty tough storms, and in the end your loyalty has always been very motivational. I hold you in the highest respect.

I know you're in a tough time right now, with lot's of decisions to be made. In the end, I know you'll do what's best for yourself and your family. Just know that I support you and that I really would like to see you coaching at BYU; not just next year, but for many years to come.

Best wishes, Steve Rogers Salt Lake City, UT


Lance, you and Leslie are wonderful people as are your children. My wife and I have fond memories of being neighbors in Orem in 1976 (Kris and Leslie visit taught together that year).

We appreciate all you have done while at BYU and feel there is much more for you to give. And hopefully we can give some back to you and your family in some small way.

I know each of us are faced with tough decisions on a daily basis; however, its at the end of the day that defines who we are. Please stay and help this program regain its national status again.

Good luck and happy holidays. Dean and Kris Robb Sandy, Utah


Coach Reynolds represents the backbone of the BYU Football program. All of us know that the contribution he has made goes beyond recruiting and training players. His example to the players means every bit as much.

Hang Around Coach, we need you!! John Hulet


Dear Lance:

You and I rode side by side on airline clear across the country. You politely listened to a true Blue BYU FOOTBALL nut talk about his four sons and the good times watching the Cougars. You politely shook hands with my two boys and said to them, "We'll see you guys at the Y in a few years". Well the day has arrived they are there and they love Cougar football. Stay where you are; you are an integral part of the success of the program. Either way I'll always regard that time with you as special as will my sons.

Love and regards, Winston N. Petersen


Coach Reynolds,

I had the opportunity to work with Chuck Stiggins as a student assitant back in '98 & '99. During that time I had the opportunity to have a few conversations in the weight room while you were working out and I believe when you were recovering from your back surgery. You were nothing but respectful to me, a no name student, who just wanted to have the opportunity to talk with a BYU Football coach. I have always remembered that consideration for me.

It would be a travesty for BYU to lose you not only because of your incredible coaching experience but also because of the effect that you have on all that you have come in contact with, football and non-football individuals.

I hope that things work out the best for you and that it will mean that you will be able to stay with the BYU football program.

Nathan Scoresby '00 Mesa, AZ


Coach Reynolds,

I personally appreciate your contribution to BYU. I also admire the dignity that you bring to the program through your loyalty and demeanor. BYU would be significantly diminished if you were to leave. Thanks.

Tom Partridge


Coach Reynolds,

We just want you to know that our family and many Cougar Club members and BYU fans in the Boise area hope you decide to stay at BYU! We have great memories of you as a former Cougar player and as a very successful BYU coach.

We have been especially impressed with the class you have shown over the past few days in some extremely difficult circumstances. We will respect whatever decision you make regarding your future, but simply want you to know that you've got a lot of BYU fans who think you're a great coach and a terrific human being.

Dave Tueller Cougar Club President in Boise, ID


Coach Reynolds,

I appreciate all of the hard work that you have poured into Brigham Young University. These past few weeks must have been extremely trying, and you should do what you feel is best for you and your family.

Obviously as a fan I hope that you choose to continue being a vital piece to BYU Football's coaching staff. You provide insight and knowledge which is unsurpassed by anyone else within the department, and you would be greatly missed if you decide to leave.

Regardless of what you decide, I will always be a fan of yours and hope that you succeed in all that you do.

Thanks for all you've done, David Peterson, Pullman, Washington



I just wanted to commend you for the exemplary manner in which you have conducted yourself over the past two weeks during this time of crisis for the BYU football team, coaches, administration, and BYU fans. Yours has been an example of stability, steadfastness, and calmness to a situation not of your making.

As a season ticket holder since 1972 I have seen an interesting evolution in BYU football. As a player and as an assistant coach and as an associate head coach you have been an integral part of that evolution. I want to thank you sincerely for the hours, weeks, etc. that you have given to the program.

Now as a long, long time (since 1960) BYU fan I can only hope that you will continue to be a very important cog in the new order of things at BYU.

Again, thank you so much. George Anthony - West Valley City via the state of Washington


Coach Reynolds,

I grew up an SC fan, but my freshman year in 1977 (has it really been 27 years?) converted me to Cougar football. As both a player and coach, you are an important part of the legacy that I love and support.

I hope that ultimately you remain a Coug, but even more I hope that you have excellent options and that you choose the one that's best for you and your family (I sure hope it's in Provo).

Sincerely, Tim Mitchell '84


Coach Reynolds,

Regardless of where you are coaching next year (hopefully at BYU) You are a class act and that will never change. I can't imagine the rollercoaster ride you have been on for the last 3 months. PLEASE STAY AT BYU!!!!!!! Ask for a raise you deserve it!! Thank you for what you have done for BYU!!!

Tyler Tippetts Las Vegas, NV


Having been away from BYU since graduating in 1978, I can testify that there is no place like BYU and there is no place like home. With your history at this University, you bring a perspective and strength that is needed now more than ever.

I wish you the best regardless of your decision. I trust your judgment and I trust your process of decision making. I also have no doubt that your family does and should come first in your mind. And quite frankly, those are exactly the reasons I hope you will stay at BYU and continue to be a big part of this program and our family.

Thanks coach. Ken Lovell -- Tulsa, OK


Dear Coach Reynolds:

I am a graduate of BYU Class of 71. I have been a BYU fan since high school in Idaho. I have been a season ticket-holder since 1983, and I have raised my 5 children to be BYU fans also. As such, I take a great deal of pride in our athletic department as well as our university as a whole. Although I live in Cheyenne, WY, I drive to see at least 3 or more games a year (my kids use the rest of the tickets).

I want you to know of my deep gratitude to you and your family for the contributions you have made and are making to the football program, and for your integrity and example to the young men in that program and to the Church as a whole.

It is certainly understandable and certainly your right to explore your other options in the profession. We want you to stay, and we feel the program needs you. I hope you will consider this and realize how many people in CougarNation wish you well and hope for your continued contributions to our program.

Sincerely, Stephen L. Green Cheyenne, Wyoming


Coach Reynolds:

I too want to thank you for all the years you have given to BYU. I'm sure there are a great many young men that you have influenced for good. Also, I am a strong believer that the BYU football program can be a positive influence that will reflect what the church stands for. I know you have a tough decision and hope that BYU will continue to be where you chose to coach. Hopefully we'll all support you what ever your decision is.

Thanks Ladd Jones Newhall, California


Lance -

I don't think you need any advice, but I'd at least like to add my appreciation for your contributions to BYU over the years.

I'm one of the fans that was looking forward to having three experienced OL guys working with our young OL and RB's. To me, the advantage of having you, Coach Anae and Coach Grimes keeping an eye on the OL and RB's would be the best talent pool at coaching those positions we've ever had. I'm sure you would see things that the others would not see, and the others likewise. The net bottom line is that our OL and RB would become the best they could be.

I hope that combo works out for you, but if it does not and you have a better offer, it would be a tough loss for the whole BYU football program.

BYU football will be better if you choose to remain, in any measure that's important. As you know, we have a long ways to go, and could use your talents.

If you choose not to remain at BYU, you have paid your dues and we owe you our thanks and support. You made an imprint, and we were hoping for more of the same. Forgive us if some of us seem to butt our noses into an entirely personal decision for you and your family.

Rex McBride


Lance, please stay at BYU!!

Weldon Decker Iowa City, Iowa


Coach Reynolds:

I wanted to thank you for your contribution to Brigham Young University over the past 20+ years. One only needs to talk to the players that you have been around to know of the good influence you have had in their lives.

I hope that you will continue your career here at Brigham Young University.

Sincerely, Eric Vogelsberg, Plano, TX


Coach Reynolds,

Thank you for the contribution that you and your family have made to BYU football. I really hope that you will continue to bless the lives of these outstanding young men that are part of the BYU experience.

I have nothing but respect for you and wish you the very best.


David Leonardson '74 Dubois, Idaho



You represent everything that is great about BYU. Please don't go! There is no other place in this world like BYU.

You helped make it that way.

Dean Mattsson SLC, Utah

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