Red or Blue?

Timpview touchdown machine Harvey Unga has whittled his list of suitors down to two local schools. Unga talks to TBS about the pros and cons of his two choices and presents his gameplan leading up to signing day.

If there was a perfect school for Harvey Unga its colors would be purple.

"I just really don't know right now," said the senior running back. "My thoughts are still up in the air and I don't even know what I'm going to do and I'm still looking around at the opportunities there are for me. So, I'm going through that and I don't really know what I'm going to do."

One of Timpview's "Thunderbird Four," Unga raked up 1650 yards rushing 201 carries, 300 yards receiving and 22 touchdowns on the way to helping the Provo High School clinch the Utah 4-A State Championship. Earlier reports came out that Unga had given the coaches of Utah a solid commitment to play football for the university. Although he did give coach Whittingham a commit, Unga isn't quite sure about signing with Utah just yet.

"Yeah I talked to coach Whittingham," Unga said. "I told him I [committed] but at the same time I told him I'm going to take my trips to see what's out there to offer. I don't want to sound like I'm going to sign with them right away and stuff. I'm still up in the air, but so far I've committed to the U. It's a soft commit because I'm still up in the air with what I want to do."

"[Whittingham] came over and visited with me on Tuesday. Having him come over was a good experience. Talking to him and talking to coach Meyer, I can tell the difference. With him coming from a BYU background, it kind of shed a little light on his BYU side. There's still a little BYU side of him and you can feel that. He's an awesome guy and he's very honest and up front. He told me I would play offense and with him there's no question. He said defense wasn't an issue or anything like that's kind of helped me a lot."

One reason Unga gave the Utah coaches an early soft commit was that Whittingham wants Unga to play on the offensive side of the ball at running backs position. At BYU, there is a bit of a tug of war going on. Newly named head coach Bronco Mendenhall wants Unga on the defensive side of the ball while at the same time running back's coach Lance Reynolds wants Unga to stay as a running back on offense.

"[Mendenhall's] a great guy and I like him a lot," said Unga. "He's just been pressuring me to play defense and all. I mean, I don't mind playing defense but I would rather play offense. I'm just afraid that if I go there he's going to push me to play defense and have me play there instead of offense."

Another issue with Unga is whether or not BYU will actually run the ball within the new BYU offense coach Robert Anae and Lance Reynolds are bring in.

"I've never really met [Anae] or anything yet, but I hear good things about him," said Unga. "For the most part I've heard he's bringing the Texas Tech offense over here. When I talked with Coach Reynolds, he just told me, ‘I don't want to lie to you and tell you we‘re going to run the ball a lot; Texas Tech doesn't really do that and Robert told me he's going to adapt some of that into the program.' [Reynolds] told me they were 90 percent passing and he said they'll still pass the ball to the running backs too, but the running backs wont get hand-offs as much."

However, despite feeling Utah might hold the edge with him in lack of depth at the running back's position and overall offensive fit, Unga knows BYU is his church school and that academics at BYU is more attractive to him there than at Utah.

"See that's the thing with BYU, and the education is really good over there," Unga acknowledged. "There are some things I would go into at BYU. I was thinking sociology but I'm still debating on what I want to do from what my dad is telling me and from what uncle Vai [Sikahema] tells me about BYU."

So what kind of advice has his father and Uncle Vai, a former BYU star running back and Philadelphia Eagles kick return star, given him?

"They just talked to me about the whole recruiting thing and some of the things I need to look into," said Unga. "Not to make any hasty decision right now because it's a hectic time right now at this time. [Sikahema] talked to me about education and the different education I'll get at different places, and he talked about the interactions you'll have at the different places. He told me that you'll most likely marry the girl from the college you go to, and BYU is an awesome place to find your wife and stuff. Utah is also but I like the girls over here in Utah valley and at BYU."

So the see-saw, merry-go-round world of Harvey Unga continues. Both schools possessing attractive qualities that he wishes were included in one single package. Another point of concern for Unga is how the teams are stacked at the positions he‘s being recruited at.

"At BYU they have quite a bit of running backs, and so that kind of played [into the soft Utah verbal]," said Unga. "Also the kind of offense Utah runs is similar to how we run our offense [Timpview] so that would kind of make it easier, but I'm going to take my trips and I told coach Whittingham that I was going to take my trips and see what else is out there."

Having already given Utah a soft verbal and feeling Utah is probably a better fit for him as a player, is BYU out of the picture?

"No they are still in it," said Unga. "It's between BYU and Utah right now and I'm still waiting. I'm not really decided yet. My mom wants me to go to the Y because she loves sister [Leslie] Reynolds, so, I don't know, we'll see."

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