Pennsylvania Athlete Heading for the Hills

A Philadelphia running back/safety prospect is preparing for an official trip to BYU. He tells TBS what he is hearing from coaches about his opportunities at BYU. The All-District performer also shares how BYU coaches have explained the scholarship situation this year at BYU.

Brett Owens, son of former New York Jets first round draft pick, anxiously awaits an official trip set up to Brigham Young University. The West Downingtown High School running back/safety prospect is looking forward to coming out to Provo, Utah on an official visit to tour BYU's campus and football facilities.

"I spoke to BYU coaches this past Sunday (Dec 19th)," said Owens. "They said they are looking to fly me out on the 14th (January).Yeah, I'm very excited."

Owens had a previous trip scheduled to BYU from his home in Philadelphia and was making plans to visit the campus sooner, but those plans where quickly changed as BYU sought to straighten out internal coaching and staff changes that would allow recruits visiting campus to feel a sense of stability and become comfortable with and know who the BYU coaching staff would be if they choose to play for the university.

"I don't know much about him (Mendenhall) but I have read up a little on him" said the All-Chester County athlete. "He sounds like a great guy and he seems like the kind of guy that can really turn things around. The psycho coaches are always the best coaches."

As a junior, Brett Owens averaged over 140 yards per game and almost matched that in the Whippet's wing-T offense this year. Selected as a member of the ChesMont "Golden 11," a title reserved for the top 11 athletes of the area, Owens thinks BYU coaches are looking at him join Mendenhall's defensive safety core

"They're looking to recruit me as a defensive back because they don't have anymore offensive scholarships," Owens said. "They said they're not going to give out anymore offensive scholarships, so they're looking to recruit me as a defensive back.

"I don't know where they're going to put me but I think they're looking at me for safety. I don't think I have the foot speed to play corner. I could get faster."

Previously, Owens was clocked with a 4.5-40 speed time, but his speed could be improve as he is now concentrating and excelling at track in the state of Pennsylvania.

"I run the hurdles and I came in first," said Owens. "Right now I'm sixth in the state but a lot of the Western PA, the faster schools, don't run until January. It's still feels good to say I'm sixth in the state right now though."

Owens is expected to be chosen to play in the Valor Bowl that is reserved for the ChesMont district's top athletes.

"I was All-ChesMont," said Owens. "It looks like I'm going to be selected to play in the Valor Bowl. It's a bowl game for all the top seniors in the area."

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