Catching a Jewel from the Gem State

Cade Hulbert is jewel of a recruit that is not likely to remain in the Gem state. Hulbert is one of the fastest athletes in the state of Idaho. Hulbert talks with TBS about where he'd like to showcase his speed next year.

Its not every day that a college team recruits a high school football player for a position that he has never played. But that's exactly what BYU is doing with Boise, Idaho star Cade Hulbert.

The 5'10, 160 lbs Hulbert was named 1st team all SIC and 2nd team all State at running back. But when BYU coach Steve Kafusi met with Cade last week they let him know they wanted him as a cornerback.

"I guess they (BYU) really like my speed." Hulbert said. "I only played offense in high school, because we already had a really good defense."

Hulbert played wide receiver for his high school team his senior season where he recorded 941 yards receiving and 15 touchdowns in just 7 games. Hulbert also put up some impressive rushing numbers in his career. He had 15 rushing touchdowns, and around 1,000 yards. In two particular games, Hulbert had 30 carries for 233 yards with 2 TDS, and another game with 20 carries for 207 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Said Hulbert: "I wish I could have played more and played some defensive back, but I'm happy with how the season went. I feel like I can beat anybody on the football field. I just know that I can outrun anybody once I get the football."

However getting the football isn't something BYU's coaches are looking at in utilizing Hulbert on the football field. "They want me to play cornerback for them," says Hulbert. "Although I've never played CB in high school, that's where they feel I'll be best suited. It doesn't really matter to me, I just want to play football. Wherever I play is fine by me."

Hulbert attended the Gatorade camp in Meridian, Idaho this past year and was named the running back MVP ironically. Says Hulbert, "I learned a lot at that camp and I learned that I could play and compete at a high level in football."

Hulbert was visited by BYU assistant Steve Kaufusi last week where Kaufusi expressed BYU's interest in him and invited him to visit BYU this coming weekend. Says Hulbert, "He didn't offer me a scholarship, but told me that they're interested in offering me a scholarship and that it would be a full football scholarship if they chose to offer me. I'm just going to go on my trip next weekend and go from there."

"BYU hasn't offered me a scholarship yet," Hulbert said. "They said they would get back to me and let me know. But if they do, I will commit on the spot. I really like BYU and the environment there. I really want to go away to college."

Hulbert has received interest from Boise State, Oregon, Louisville and now BYU, but Hulbert sais his mind is made up to sign with BYU when they extend an offer. "I just want to get away from home," said Hulbert. "To me going to college is getting away from home. I like Boise State a lot and playing football for them would be great, but it would be just like high school living so close to home, so I want to get away."

The other team that has expressed interest in Hulbert is Louisville. "Louisville really wants me to play football and run track for them," Hulbert said. "BYU wants me to do both also, but if I had to choose one, I would play football."

College track coaches may insist that Hulbert be a dual sport athlete. Hulbert has been hounded with offers to run track since he won his first state title in track, taking the State 5A championship for the 400 meters as a sophomore. The following year he repeated his title in the 400 meters while adding a 200 meter championship to his resume. "I'm happy with my accomplishments and hopefully I can repeat in both this coming year," said Hulbert.

Hulbert reports that his best recorded times in the 400 and 200 meters are 48.16 and 21.86 respectively. Hulbert said he runs a solid 4.4 forty-yard dash, and has 33-inch vertical leap. But as the speedster mentioned, playing football is his first desire and BYU is looking like the school that will fit that bill a little under a month before national letter of intent day.

Hulbert has mission plans, but won't turn 19 until March 2006. "I have plans to serve a mission," said Hulbert. "It's something I've always wanted to do. I'll play, redshirt or whatever and come back and play after my mission."

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