There's a New Sheriff in Town

Recently, there have been quite a few BYU football players to leave Provo with the hopes of finding a better fit at other universities. What is the reason for this mass exodus? One explanation may be that there is a new lawman running things in Cougarville.

Everything new BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall does seems "unorthodox." From his contribution in designing the 3-3-5 defense to implementing boxing and martial arts into the BYU workout program, Mendenhall has within his mind a unique perception of what a football player should be: a tough, obedient, loyal and a well conditioned athlete that will step into the arena and give it his all for the sake of himself and his teammates, and will look for methods to sever unwanted habits and character that, in his mind, will only contribute to failure.

In a prior interview Mendenhall told TBS, "My goal is to first develop young men into outstanding young men and then turn them into football players." It's that simple.

When Mendenhall says this team will be the "best conditioned team in the country" he means it. When he says this team will live by the laws of the university, he means it.

Curtis Brown said it best: "He's looking for ways to push us to our limits and he's looking for ways that allow us to trust each other. That was the problem with us last year. [Coach Mendenhall] hit it right on the head when he said we had guys working harder than others, and that there were guys who were accepting defeat and there were other guys who couldn't stand the taste of it."

It should be no surprise we hear of football players walking off the field during voluntary workouts, and it should be no surprise that players who have been involved with past honor code issues are not returning. It's no surprise some will transfer for various "personal reasons." The fact of the matter is, when there's a new sheriff who has been tasked to clean things up, someone is going to take issue with the changes. Many will transfer onto other settings simply because they can't abide by a tougher law. Others can get by but chose not to. BYU can't continue to be a place where waste away in mediocrity and the new sheriff is going to make sure that is the case.

Other News

TBS has learned that running back Ray Hudson is not enrolled this semester and went back home to Wharton, Texas. The university is, however, expecting Hudson to return to BYU for the spring semester to participate in spring ball.

TBS also received word that despite corner back Greg Lovely's, decision to transfer, the university has not received word that OSLB Gary Lovely has decided to follow his brother in leaving the university. Greg Lovely, a native of Los Altos Hills, Calif, came to BYU in 2004 after transferring from Foothill Junior College. Lovely saw limited action in eight games last season on special teams and at defensive back, and was hampered throughout the season with lower back problems.

Following a red shirt year, Coach Mendenhall has announced that offensive guard Ofa Mohetau has opted to transfer from BYU. Mohetau will seek to enroll to home at the Texas A&M University. TBS wishes those leaving the best of luck.

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