Recruiting Update: Vic So'oto

Vic So'oto recently talked to Total Blue Sports about the ever-growing list of BYU commits. So'oto weighed in on some who BYU has secured and some who got away.

Recently Total Blue Sports heard from current Cougar prospect Vic So'oto about the latest with his commitment to BYU.

TBS asked Vic his thoughts on Tony Moeaki committing to Iowa. Tony and Vic are two of the top tight ends in the country. The pair became friends when they both visited BYU together in September on their official visits. While on the visit both mentioned how they would both love to play along side each other, but with Tony announcing on national television that he would be attending Iowa, the duo will go their separate ways.

TBS also asked Vic, when he will be heading to Provo to work out with the team, and what his current mission plans are.

Here is what Vic had to say:

"The situation with Tony is unfortunate for BYU but that's how it goes. He is a great player and I know that he made his best decision possible. I would like to congratulate him on a great decision. I'm happy with the commits we have been getting lately and I look forward to playing with them all next year. As far as playing in the fall, I plan on training hard and learning the offense to be in position to play. If the coaches say I'm not ready then Ill red-shirt, but I'm anxious to compete and get to the field as soon as possible. I also plan on coming up to Provo around the end of June to meet everyone and lift with the team. I'll be up in Provo for about 2-3 weeks then Ill come home. As for my mission I'll go if I red-shirt."

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