JC All-American Still Interested in BYU

Despite having committed to Oregon, Fresno Community College All-American from Kahuku High School is still wondering were he stands with BYU. A few encouraging words from Cougar coaches may lead this monster lineman to reconsider his choice of schools.

Palauni Ma'Sun, a 6'5", 330 pound JC All-American, has indeed committed to the Ducks of Oregon. However, Totalbluesports.com has recently learned there is still an interest from Ma'Sun in BYU.

"I took a trip up there (BYU) and it was around the 14th (Dec) and the first day to sign, because I'm a mid year transfer, was on the 17th. They (BYU coaches) asked me if I was going to sign and I told them I 'm going to take one more trip to Oregon, and after that trip I took one more trip on the 18th to Missouri and then I went home for Christmas. Then I took a trip to Oregon on the 7th of January, and then they (BYU coaches) just run a way from me," chuckled Ma'Sun.

Ma'Sun feels that BYU coaches backed off of him since he didn't commit to BYU during his trip on the 14th. At that point mid-year transfer letter of intent day was three days away and Ma'Sun was still planning on two other recruiting visits.

"I was kind of disappointed when they told me, okay, and then they didn't want me," Ma'Sun said. "I guess they thought I wasn't going to pass my classes but I passed them all. I'm good to go."

The Ma'Sun family learned that Palauni did indeed pass all of his classes while he was home in Hawaii over Christmas break.

"He did pass all of his classes," said Palauni's sister Vaueli Ma'Sun, a student currently enrolled at BYU. "We found that out over Christmas break. I know my dad would like him to go to BYU as well, but you do have to look at the football program itself."

Ma'Sun tripped to BYU during a hectic time when BYU was trying to sort out the current coaching staff. Ma'Sun wanted to keep his options open so he did not commit at the time.

"The other thing too is when I went up there, there wasn‘t a head coach," Ma'Sun explained. "I met the head coach before he was a head coach. Mendenhall is cool. I read about Anae, he was a Texas Tech coach. They did good Texas Tech in their bowl against Cal. My boy from Fresno plays over there. He‘s a D-linemen and he did pretty good that game."

Vaueli Ma'Sun sheds more light on the situation with her brother's feelings towards the BYU trip.

Said Vaueli: "I spoke to him earlier about when he came to BYU on his recruiting trip, and then next week he went to Missouri on a recruiting trip, and I asked him, ‘So are you still thinking about BYU?' and he said, "Well, they got mad that I went to Missouri, so I don't know.'"

Ma'Sun soon told Totalbluesports.com that he is still very much interested in BYU and would consider coming to BYU to play football and be with his sister Vaueli despite his hectic recruiting trip and thoughts of not being wanted.

"I committed to Oregon, verbally," said Ma'Sun. "If BYU offers me a scholarship I would consider it. I like my trip over there a lot. I have a sister over there too. Yeah, I would consider it. The facilities are nice; real nice facilities."

If BYU does not contact Ma'Sun within the next week or so, Ma'Sun told Total Blue Sports that he will sign with Oregon and join other LDS, Polynesian football players currently on the Fresno CC roster who have committed to Oregon.

"Shoot, if they are interested in me, they need to hurry because the signing period is coming up," Ma'Sun stated. "There's three of us from Kahuku are over here. Kalavi [Blanchard] is going to sign with Kentucky, Tolifili Liufau is going to Oregon for sure and So‘oalo from Kailua, he‘s signed with Oregon."

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