Thunderbird Four to Ride Again at BYU?

BYU already has verbal commits from two Timpview prospects, but come national Letter of Intent day will BYU walk away with the Timpview Trio? How about the full Thunderbird Four? A recent interview with one of the undecided Provo prospects shed some light on how things may shape up on February 2nd.

BYU has typically done well in securing all the in-state football talent, especially those from Utah County. But with the recent losing seasons in Provo, and the BCS buster team up north, recruits are giving Utah a harder look. Luke Ashworth for example plays in BYU's back yard at Timpview high school, but has been trying hard to decide if he wants to go to the University of Utah.

"My mind is kind of made up," Ashworth said. "I'm really leaning towards going to BYU."

That sounds like good news for BYU fans, but there is a condition to Luke's statement.

"I promised the receivers coach at Utah, Coach Roderick, that I would sit down with him one last time before I made a verbal commitment," Ashworth said. "He is coming to my house on Saturday afternoon with videotape of the new Utah offense. After I hear what he has to say I will decide."

The interesting thing that has brought BYU back into the picture with Luke is the opportunity to play baseball at BYU with Coach Law.

"Yeah, Coach Law said I can play baseball too, and coach Mendenhall said it would also be OK," Ashworth said. "The only conflict would be during spring ball, in which I think I would only miss two baseball practices. It's a bigger deal to Coach Mendenhall that I'm playing two sports then it is to Coach Law."

Luke who plays shortstop and third base for Timpview said he is also hearing from MLB teams about being drafted, but said he definitely plans on going to college. Last year Luke was named all valley and all state in baseball. He batted .471 with 8 triples, and runs 6.5 60-yard dash, which is very fast in baseball terms.

Luke also revealed some interesting news about one of his teammates. Harvey Unga the star RB, who had verbaled to Utah a few weeks ago.

"I talked to Harvey a few days ago and he is leaning towards BYU," Ashworth said. "It has been big having my teammates Stephen Covey and Matt Reynolds commit to BYU."

So this Saturday will be the day when all the phone calls finally come to a stop for Ashworth.

"I get phone calls every day from the BYU and Utah coaches," Ashworth said. "It will be nice when it is all over."

Luke said the two coaches from BYU that are calling are Coaches Reynolds and Anae. Coaches Roderick and Wittingham have been the ones calling from Utah.

"The coaches call me and tell me the pros and cons," Ashworth said. "One coach told me to pray about it. Coach Wittingham has been telling me that I can have the same experience at Utah, that I would at BYU."

Luke said his parents have remained neutral and will be proud of any decision he makes, but he did concede that his mom and dad have pushed him a little towards BYU.

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