Hawaii Cornerback is Recruiting Latecomer

When a receiver makes a cut back to the ball, nothing is more important to a cornerback than closing speed. The ability to play catch up is the difference between a completion for a big play and an interception going the other way. One First Team Hawaii All-State cornerback is hoping he has enough closing speed to catch up in the recruiting game.

Travis Uale, a 6'2", 180 pound corner back with 4.6 speed is hoping BYU will be able to find a scholarship or maybe even one that might pop up from a non-commit.

Uale prepped at Kamehameha High School and helped lead his football team to a state championship.

"We all just played hard and finally beat the curse," Uale said. "I did pretty good. There's always room for improvement. I had 4 interceptions and I felt like my coaches did good in teaching me good technique. I had one interception for a touchdown and had 1 block punt and 1 forced fumble recovery. I had around 2 or 3 tackles for a loss."

The Uale family is related to BYU offensive coordinator Robert Anae and have made an effort to contact the BYU coach to see if BYU had scholarship opening left and if Travis would be a good fit for the program.

"Well, our last name is supposed to be Anae," Uale said. "I'm not really to sure but I think my uncle Robert [Anae], his dad and my great grandpa where cousins. My dad has talked to uncle Robert and he said to send him tapes."

Once BYU gets Uale's tape, BYU coaches can then take a look and evaluate Uale's talent in comparison to other options if a scholarship is, or becomes, available.

"I want to go to BYU," Uale said. "I grew up my whole life wanting to go to BYU, but this past year I lost my purpose in wanting to go up there. At first I wanted to go up to BYU because my sister went up there, but I had to find the reason why I wanted to go up there. One of the reason's why I understand, why I now want to go to BYU is because I want to go on a mission. With the environment at BYU, it would help inspire me and be a good influence on me serving a mission."

Along with being picked for First Team All-State Hawaii, Uale was also chosen to play in the East vs. West All-Star game that included BYU recruits Hafoka, Afalava and Soares.

"I luckily got into that spot for First Team All-State Hawaii," said Uale. "I played in the All-Star game and played against [Al] Afalava, [Spencer] Hafoka and [Blaze] Soares. I didn't get a chance to cover Hafoka. He was either in when I was out or on the opposite side of the field. I'm just hoping I can get into college. I've got a trip this weekend to Hawaii but I don't want to stay home."

TBS will continue to monitor the situation with Uale and follow up with him as LOI Day inches closer.

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