Multi-talented Arizona Athlete Ponders Options

Blaise Johnson is a running back/quarterback/defensive back athlete extraordinaire from Arizona and he's seriously considering taking his bag of tricks to BYU next year. TBS spoke with Johnson about his recent trip to BYU. TBS also talked about who else is competing for Johnson's services.

Blaise Johnson is taking all of the scant time that is left to him at this late juncture of the recruiting period to make his final decision on who to sign with this coming Letter of Intent day. While he has many options on the board just one week before LOI day, Johnson is still exploring other options as the day of his decision grows nearer and nearer.

Said Johnson, "I told myself when I started the process that I was going to remain wide open until I made all of my trips and had all of my options and offers on the table."

Johnson has solid scholarship offers from the likes of Air Force, BYU, Nevada-Reno and UNLV, but Stanford could be offering this coming weekend. "I'm actually taking two trips this weekend," said Johnson. "I'm going to UNLV for a day and then to Stanford and see what they have to offer me."

Although Johnson has high marks, he isn't sure that he can pass Stanford's rigorous entrance requirements. "They don't know either," Johnson said. "They want to be sure before they offer me"

Johnson is a 5-11, 185 athlete prospect from Corona Del Sol high school in Tempe, Arizona and he's done just about everything imaginable for his high school football team during his time there. Said Johnson, "My freshman year I played at wide receiver, I then played just quarterback my junior year and then my senior year I started at running back and cornerback for my team until they switched me back to starting quarterback to end the year."

Which position does Johnson prefer? "Oh, I love playing quarterback," Johnson indicated. "That was definitely my preference while in high school, but I don't know if that will be the best option for me in college."

However, Air Force is the one school offering Johnson that position if he were to sign with the academy. "I'm short and I'm not your typical drop-back passer," said Johnson. "I'm a scrambler and that is what Air Force likes about me, I guess. I was timed running a 4.50 forty electronically, but I know that I can run it in the low 4.4 range being timed with the stop-watch. I feel I'm pretty fast and I can run pretty well."

Johnson has made his official trip to the Air Force academy and was extremely impressed. "It's just great there," Johnson said. "Fisher DeBerry is such a great guy. I'd love to play quarterback in his system and that's definitely and option that I'm considering."

So what could be holding Johnson back? "I'm just not so sure about the military aspect of things there," Johnson confided. "I mean, it's a huge commitment if I sign to play there. I'm not just signing for 4 years necessarily, I have to give them a ten year service commitment and I have to think if I'm ready to do that."

Johnson has also made the trek to Provo and had the time of his life snow-mobiling. "That was my first time doing that and it was such a blast," Johnson exclaimed. "It was probably the most fun I've had in my life during the trip. I loved the campus and the people were so friendly. The facilities also just blew me away. It was like they had pro facilities there."

Johnson also was impressed with new head coach Bronco Mendenhall. "You just know that he will do everything he has to in order to win," said Johnson. "He just gives you confidence. He's very blunt and I like that. He's so enthusiastic and confident and playing in his defense would be awesome."

Johnson is not LDS and that is a concern for him. "I'm all about living the honor code," Johnson stated. "That's not an issue at all. I'll live that style of life no matter where I go. It's just weird going to a school full of people of different beliefs and I don't know how that will be. So that's something I have to think about."

Johnson refuses to state that he's leaning to give a commitment to any particular school. "I'm going to start really thinking about it when I get back from UNLV and Stanford," Johnson explained. "I'm going to wait until I'm totally sure and then sign. I honestly have no idea where I'm going to sign as of yet."

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