BYU Makes it a Timpview Trio

Luke Ashworth recently announced his decision to attend BYU to the media. Ashworth's commitment gave BYU the Timpview Trio, just one commit away from the full Thunderbird Four. Ashworth talked to TBS about the factors that led him to pick BYU over rival Utah.

It came down to the wire for Luke Ashworth, but in the end, Ashworth committed to the school that he grew up a fan of and always dreamed of playing for.

Last Friday, Ashworth committed to sign a letter of intent this coming Tuesday with BYU. "I'm just glad to get it over with," said a relieved Ashworth. "I'm very comfortable with my decision and I know it to be the right decision. I'm just ready to go and hopefully I can help them out."

Ashworth is a 6-1, 195 WR prospect from nearby Timpview High School. He will join fellow Thunderbird teammates Matt Reynolds and Stephen Covey in signing a letter of intent to play for BYU this next Tuesday.

Said Ashworth: "Man, it's just great that I'm going to be able to play with those guys in college. We're all very good friends and we're all very confident in each other and each other's abilities."

Ashworth's connections to BYU extend far beyond his fellow Thunderbird teammates. He has also befriended players already on BYU's roster and is anxious to join them under the tutelage of new coach Bronco Mendenhall.

"I already know a lot of guys on the team and I know them to be great guys", said Ashworth. "Guys like Jake Kuresa, Isley Filiaga, Curtis Brown and some others are guys I know very well and I already feel like I'm part of the team in a sense."

Ashworth had BYU as his first option ever since he can remember, but a late push by the University of Utah, and specifically new wide receivers coach Aaron Roderick, went almost wooed Ashworth in the final stages.

Said Ashworth: "It was really hard to tell Utah that I was going to sign with BYU. Coach Roderick recruited me very hard and I love the program they have there. Playing for Utah would have been great, but I just felt when all was said and done that BYU was the better option for me."

Ashworth is LDS and has mission plans, but intends to play one year before. Ashworth plans on giving it his all for his freshman year and hopes to follow in the same path as standout true freshman receiver Austin Collie. "I followed BYU and saw what Collie was able to accomplish last season and that's the sort of impact I want to have," said Ashworth. "I'm confident that I have the ability to do similar things that he (Collie) did last year."

Ashworth feels he's on the same page with Coach Anae's new wide-open offense and feels that it will be a perfect fit for him and his abilities. "They've talked to me a lot about the system and I feel that it fits me and what I can do on the field," said Ashworth. "It's a wide-open attack and hopefully I can become a part of it next season and long after I get home from my mission."

Ashworth is also impressed with new head coach Bronco Mendenhall and feels that he will take BYU in the right direction from the start. "He's just so confident in everything he says and does that you just feel like you can't fail if you work in his and Anae's system and if you do everything he requires," said Ashworth. "Coach Mendenhall originally wanted me to play defense until he was switched to head coach and I was really considering it just to play in his system. But now that he's head coach he wants me as a wide receiver and I'm fine with that."

Ashworth also expresses great confidence in Coach Anae and Coach Reynolds. "Anae is just so straight-forward," said Ashworth. "He's a lot like Coach Mendenhall. He's very open and direct and I like that. He's also very enthusiastic."

About Coach Reynolds, with whom he is already very familiar, Ashworth said: "He's just sort of like a father-figure to me. He's a guy that you know you can come to with anything and he'll help you. I'm very comfortable with Coach Reynolds and I know that he cares for me and for all of his players."

A big part of Ashworth committing to BYU came when BYU head baseball coach Vance Law promised him he would get an opportunity to play baseball. "That's all I wanted to be honest with you," Ashworth admitted. "I just want to have a real shot at playing both football and baseball and I feel I'll get that opportunity having talked to the coaches about it."

Ashworth recognizes that playing both sports at the next level is a daunting task, but he just wants to give it a go. "I know that it may not work out", Ashworth said. "I'm going to try it at first and go from there. I love both sports, but football will always be my first choice."

"I'm just so excited to be part of what Coach Mendenhall is doing at BYU," said Ashworth. "I know that he'll be successful just because he's so determined. I know BYU has had some down years as of late, but that doesn't concern me at all. I know Coach Mendenhall, Coach Anae and Coach Reynolds with the rest of them are winners. I know that we'll be successful and I'm excited to get going."

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