Hafoka Has Letter Ready

Tomorrow thousands of singed letters will pour into college coaches' offices across the country. One Kahuku football star will be joining with the masses, but has anything changed on the eve of LOI day?

Kahuku High School wide receiver Spencer Hafoka has confirmed to Total Blue Sports that he will sign BYU's letter of intent papers to accept a scholarship to play football for the Cougars.

"Yup, I committed," Hafoka confirmed. "The papers are already out here too, and I'll sign them and send them in tomorrow."

Spencer's father Finau Hafoka confirmed his son's intent to sign at BYU.

"Yes, he committed to BYU," said Finau Hafoka. "I feel really good. This is something we had talked about when all my boys where small."

Spencer's father Finau Hafoka, a former Bishop in Laie, expressed his excitement over his son's decision to follow his two older brothers Saia and Moana to BYU

"It's our dream but the final decision was up to him," said Finau. "I'm just glad that he chose BYU. Both his mom and I are very happy. We want him to continue his education and spiritual education and to always be worthy to serve a mission. BYU is our church school and provides the best environment, so for the past seven or eight years I would bring them [Saia, Moana and Spencer] up to Utah for the football camp. Just to get to know more about their church school and football and now it's paid off."

Hafoka had committed to BYU awhile ago but wanted to keep the commit quiet so as not to hurt chances of exploring other options. Hafoka had told Total Blue Sports over a month ago that he had committed to BYU, but wanted this to be confidential.

"I committed but I want to keep it low. . .so I can take my trips," Hafoka told Total Blue Sports back on January 18th.

"I'm excited man," Hafoka exclaimed. "This is it and I'm good to go. It was just the place that was most comfortable for me and I've been attending the BYU camps since I started playing football. I've always just loved BYU and feel in love with the school."

Hafoka was so excited he called BYU coaches to thank them for the chance to receive an education and play football at BYU.

"Spencer had called the coaches last night and thank them for the scholarship," said Finau Hafoka. "He called the head coaches and thanked them for the scholarship they offered him, and that he was excited to go to BYU. I had heard the coaches ask him why and he said, ‘Well the number one reason why I pick BYU is because of the environment over there. It's positive and nice and the standards are high.' You know he has family over there now and a big brother playing over there who will be going to school in the fall, and he was grateful for the scholarship by the coaches."

BYU coaches can rest assured that one letter they will receive tomorrow will have the name Hafoka signed on the dotted line. Hafoka will turn 19 this summer and will not enroll at BYU in the fall but plans on heading straight on a mission.

"I'm going on a mission first," said Hafoka. "I turn 19 in April so hopefully by the summer or by August I'll be gone."

Hafoka wanted to tell BYU fans how excited he is to be a Cougar and to play in front of all those who supported him and those at BYU once he returns from his mission.

"I know they've been a great support," hafoka acknowledged. "Just going to the games I've seen their great support and I look forward to playing there for everyone."

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