7-Footer Eyes BYU

Southern California is home to a developing basketball prospect that is hard to miss. At over seven feet tall David Foster cannot help but stand out in a crowd, much less on the basketball court. The recruit took time to chat with TBS and handicap his recruiting field.

For only playing organized basketball for four years, David Foster is doing pretty well for him self.

The 7'1 220 lbs center from El Toro high school in Southern California has already had coaches from four different colleges come out to see him play.

"The schools that I'm hearing the most from are BYU, Utah, Utah St., and Colorado St.," Foster said. "Coach Toolson from BYU came out and watched one of my games recently."

This is David's junior year and first year playing varsity basketball. He averaged 5 points, 6 rebounds and 3 blocks.

"I'm still improving," Foster said. "I need to learn to be more aggressive. That's what I'm going to work on this off season."

David is still adjusting to his height as well. He grew 6 inches his freshman year, from 6'4 to 6'10.

"I have good foot work for my size," Foster said. "I need to work on my strength though."

David attended BYU's summer basketball camp last year, and was introduced to coaches then. He also has been playing on an AAU team, to gain more exposure.

David is still wide open on a school but says he will look for a school that will help develop his skills the best so he can make it to the next level.

"My mom went to BYU and my Dad went Utah," Foster said. "But my dad wants me to go to Stanford. They have sent me letters and are interested in me."

Foster who is LDS, says he has definite mission plans, and will probably red shirt his first year of college before leaving.

"I like BYU," Foster said. "But they just recruited a bunch of tall skinny guys like me. So I'm not sure about that situation. I like the university of Utah a lot because of what they have done with Andrew Bogut. They have another Australian center that is red shirting this year. I hear he is really good, and I would love to play with him and learn from him. Overall, I'm still wide open."

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