Recruit Profile: Scott Allen

A steady stream of letters from college suitors are flowing into the mailboxes of talented high school football players around the country. For one young man, letters bearing a Provo, Utah return address seem to rise to the top of the ever increasing pile of correspondence.

Deep in the heart of Texas is a young quarterback whose heart is not set on the Lone Star state. Scott Allen of Spring, Texas and Klein High School is hearing from schools from around the country heading into his senior year.

"I've started receiving letters pretty steadily from schools like Wisconsin, BYU, Ohio State and North Carolina State," said Allen. "Texas Tech is sending me letters as well. They're all starting to send letters more frequently from the start of this month and hopefully they'll continue. I'm hearing mostly from Ohio State and Wisconsin right now."

Other schools sending Allen letters include LSU, TCU and Virginia. Allen is excited by all of the attention. "Oh, it's great that all these schools are sending me letters already," said Allen. "I mean, playing football in college has always been a dream of mine and it looks like I'll get a chance to do that."

The ironic thing about Allen receiving all of these letters is that he was not the starter for his high school team this past season and had minimal playing time for a team whose focus is running the football.

Said Allen: "I'll be starting this coming year and I've compiled a tape of myself and sent it out to a bunch of schools, so that is where the interest comes from primarily. I've also been to BYU's camp, Texas Tech's camp and some other workouts, so I've done well there."

Allen is a 6-2, 190 quarterback prospect who considers himself and natural drop-back passer saying, "I have pretty good mobility, but I've been coached as a pocket passer and I feel that's my strength."

Allen is LDS and has definite mission plans. For that reason, BYU is the place he's most interested in at this current point, "I just love BYU," Allen stated. "My dad actually went to the University of Utah and graduated from there, but he's been a die-hard BYU fan for as long as I can tell. He's a convert and was baptized when he was older, so I think that has something to do with it."

Another Cougar recruit who Allen has run into frequently and come to know and like is fellow Texan McKay Jacobsen. "We're just always at the same camps it seems," said Allen. "I ran into him at BYU's camp and then at Texas Tech's camp. He was also at the high school combine. He's a great player and someone who I get a long with well."

Allen plans on making the rounds this summer while preparing himself to have a very successful senior campaign for his high school. "I'm definitely going to BYU's camp this summer and probably Texas Tech's as well," he indicated. "I really enjoyed my time at BYU's camp. Just being around so many other LDS kids was nice and I liked that the camp was a bit longer than other camps I've been to.

"I just want to prepare myself as much as possible to lead my team deep into the 5-A playoffs. I'm very thankful for the opportunity I've had so far and hopefully my opportunities will continue."

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