At the Combine with Scott Young

TBS caught up with a Scott Young at the 2005 NFL combine. The former Cougar lineman gives readers an insider's perspective on the life of an aspiring professional football player. BYU fans will be pleased to know that Young is representing himself and his alma mater well.

"This is where I've dreamed of coming ever since I was a young kid. I mean the opportunity I have to be here right now doing what I'm doing is awesome. It's tough and it's exhausting to be sure, but I wouldn't rather be anywhere else. This is my dream and I'm close to accomplishing my goal to play football professionally in the NFL."

These are the words of Scott Young who spoke to TBS after his first day of workouts at the NFL combine in Indianapolis, Indiana. Young has been training intensely for months in preparation for this most important of events.

"Oh, you hardly take any time off," said Young. "You want to rest your body some, but if you do it too long, then it's hard to get it back to where you can perform physically at your best."

Since the season's end, Young has been training daily with fellow Cougar Brandon Heaney and others. One of the highlights of that time was Young's trip down to Las Vegas for the Senior All-American Bowl. "It was good to get down there and show my stuff," said Young. "Everything since the season ended has been about preparing for the NFL combine and working out down in Las Vegas was a good start to that."

Since then Young has spent a lot of time on a plane, crisscrossing the nation to work out with different trainers. "I've been on a plane so much," said Young. "After the combine I'm off to Boston to work out with a guy named John Hanna and then I'll be working out with some other guys who my agent sets me up with."

Young woke up at 4:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning to catch a flight to Chicago and then Indianapolis. It has been a hectic time for the powerful lineman. "I flew out here with Matt Payne, but I seriously haven't seen him since we got off of the plane," said Young. "There is just no time. We're always doing something and there is little time to do anything other than go to meetings and do the workouts."

Once in Indiana, Young and the other players were immediately bused to their hotel where they were issued the official combine apparel. After that, they headed to the hospital for the mother of all physicals.

Said Young: "They look at everything. They pull on and at every part of your body. It's just exhausting. They really look you over. They study the medical sheet that the university you've played for provides to them and just pour over everything again and again and again."

Even though Young showed some signs that the process was wearing on him, he was very understanding of the necessity of the ordeal. "I mean, the teams are investing in you as a player, so it's okay," he explained. "They're looking to pay us a lot of money and they have every right to look over everything we have and everything we do."

With the medical tests complete, Young tried to get some rest before another early wake up call. The first full day at the combine began with mandatory drug test followed by an event that Young was very much looking forward to, the bench press. Least season, Young showed that he was the strongest man on the football team with some eye-popping performances in the weight room. Young's feats of strength continued at the combine when he put up a 43 reps with the 225 pound bar, more than any other participant.

Interestingly, Young was not satisfied with his performance. "When I'm warmed up to do it I can do a lot more," he said. "I was doing at least 50 all through last year, so I was a bit disappointed with 43, but that's okay. I outdid the closest guy to me by eight or nine, so I guess it was pretty good with all things being considered."

A lesser known combine fact is that attendees spend a great deal of their time sitting down in meetings. On Friday night, Young was set to meet with the Eagles, Chiefs and Cowboys. "Those are just the teams I'm meeting with tonight," said Young. "I mean, I'll probably meet with every single team by the time I'm done. They talk to you about everything. They ask about everything imaginable, but again, I'm more than fine with it. Sure, it's tiring, but if that's what I need to do, then I'll do it."

Throughout the process Young has remained very positive. The unique nature of his experience at the combine is not lost on him. "I don't know how many guys from Utah get the opportunity to be here," he said. "It's just such a huge honor for me. This is seriously a dream come true and that is what keeps me going. Sure it's tough. My friend Quinn Christensen who went through it last year told me about how hard it was and I sort of believed him, but not fully, but now I can see that every single thing he told me was true."

Young still has the shuttle, vertical jump, and other drills to go before the conclusion of the combine on Sunday. TBS will check back with Young as the combine continues.

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