Recruit Profile: Sione Fua

A starter since his sophomore year out of Encino, California, this top lineman is receiving early PAC-10 and Big East recognition. He is one of the early favorites for the top LDS prospect in the state of California, but does BYU top his early list of favorites?

Heading into his senior year, offensive/defensive tackle Sione Fua is on pace to be one of the top LDS linemen out of California. Starting for Crespi High School since his sophomore year, Fua is looking to follow up on his junior season performance.

"Last year I was with a bunch of good guys that was coming out and we were prepping for the CIF Championship," said Fua. "[My sophomore year] we were the number 1 seed but we lost in the quarter finals. It was a big let down so after that we started prepping for the next season hitting the weight room and conditioning and training. At the beginning of this season we had one of the hardest pre-season schedules with some of the best teams in California. We did pretty good there but had a couple tough losses, but after that we rolled through league and won league. When the playoffs came around we just came around and beat everybody and won CIF. We beat North Torrance."

"I'm 6'2", 280 and I run a 4.9 [forty]," said Fua. "I haven't been tested in the shuttle. I have a 28 inch vertical. I can't dunk but I can grab the rim."

Fua uses that athletic ability to contribute to his team in many ways. "I play both offense and defense," Fua said. "I did pretty well actually and finished off the season with 40 tackles and I think 10 sacks. I had a couple caused fumble and had 2 or 3 fumble recoveries and around 3 or 4 pass hurries."

After an outstanding Junior season, Fua received honors at just about every level in the state of California.

"This year I got basically the MVP for linemen for our league," said Fua. "I was First Team All-CIF. I made All-State and I made the San Fernando Valley Team and I was the MVP linemen for our team, so I got a bunch of accomplishments this year," said Fua.

Fua's father who is Encino High School's offensive line coach, so he . His head coach, Troy Thomas, is convert to the LDS church and is optimistice about Fua's potential.

"[Coach Thomas] is really excited," said Fua. "He has a lot of good things to say about me like I'm a hard worker and things on that note."

A multi-sport athlete, Fua is currently competing in the off-season in the California "Masters" wresting tournament. This tournament allows you to qualify to wrestle for the state title.

Said Fua: "Right now I'm finishing up wrestling. I wrestle in the winter season and right now I'm going to Masters. It's basically a qualifying tournament for state, so if you place in the top 8 in Masters then you go to State."

In addition to turning in outstanding performances on the field, Fua is also an outstanding student in the classroom. The combination of Fua's GPA and junior season accomplishments has garnered interest from Stanford. Some colleges have already offered Fua a full ride scholarship.

"Yeah, when I'm not playing or practicing I'm hitting the books," said Fua. "I have a 4.1 GPA. I've already got a couple of offers from UCLA and Boston College. I'm getting looked at by Stanford and USC. BYU has contacted me and sent me letters and things like that."

So how does Fua feel about his church school looking at him as a potential football prospect?

"Right now the program is building up but for sure [BYU] would be one of my top schools because it's my church school," Fua indicated. "For sure it would be one of my top schools because these other schools might not want to offer me a scholarship because I'm going to go on my mission. They want you to go on a mission when you go to BYU. That‘s one thing I‘m really worried about because other schools might not want to offer me because I want to go on my mission for two years.

"[BYU] is a great school. The program is on the build right now and maybe I'll consider it but I've got a full year of football still."

Fua isn't quite sure what he plans on majoring in college but he is looking for a school that can provide him with a good education and good coaches.

"I want to get a great education," Fua stated. "I'm looking for a good school and BYU could offer me that so they're high up on my list. I want a good program with good coaches and that's probably about it. I want a good school with good education and a good program and a good environment too but I'm sure there are churches everywhere so I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem.

"My parents are really supportive of me. It just came at me really quickly with the letters and the schools calling and they are a bit overwhelmed. They want me to get a good education in kind of a church community and things like that. My GPA is a 4.1 and I haven't taken the ACT yet but I take it this month."

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