Recruit Profile: Brian Vaaulu

Every summer, droves of boys and young men accompanied by parents and coaches arrive in Provo for Brigham Young University's football camp. Among the fixtures at the camp in recent years is a gigantic lineman from Sandy, Utah's Alta High School.

Brian Vaaulu has made a living attending BYU's camps ever since he can remember and he will be there one more time this summer. He hopes that the camp will help him get his name out and prepare himto embark on his final season at Alta high school in Sandy, Utah.

Vaaulu is a monster wherever he plays. "I'm 6-6, 320 and I play both sides of the line," said Vaaulu. "I prefer offensive line and I feel that's where I'm best suited for playing at the next level."

Vaaulu won first team all-region honors and second team all-state in Utah as a junior. "We weren't that good last year," said Vaaulu. "We didn't win a lot of games, so I think that hurt me a bit. I feel that I'm as good as anyone I've played against and I just hope to get better this summer and play even better this coming season."

BYU, Cal, UCLA and San Diego State are among those corresponding with Vaaulu. As mentioned, Vaaulu has camped at BYU for many years and knows several of BYU's coaches very well. "I know Coach Kaufusi very well since we're related," Vaaulu said. "I've also come to know Coach Grimes and Coach Reynolds from meeting them at the camps and stuff."

While Vaaulu likes BYU and the environment there, he isn't close to naming a favorite among his would-be suitors this early in the recruiting process. "It's really early and I'm just waiting for all my offers to come in," he said. "Although I like BYU a lot, I will look at other places and decide. I mean, I'm not close to even thinking about it a lot yet. I have a long way to go."

Vaaulu plans on camping again at BYU this coming summer and hopes to get to one of the NIKE camps. "I'll definitely go to BYU's camp," said Vaaulu. "It's just what I do every summer, so I'll go again. I also want to try and get invited to the NIKE camp up in Oregon or maybe the one at Stanford. I just want to go to a lot of camps and get my name out there."

Regarding BYU, Vaaulu said: "I always feel comfortable when I'm down in Provo. I have some family down there and I really like the environment. I'm close to Coach Kaufusi and I'd love to play for him. But I really have no clue where I want to play at this point. I don't have any offers. I'm just going to work as hard as I can and see what offers come my way. That's really all I can do right now."

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