Recruit Profile: Dexter Davidson

Dexter Davidson, a 6'4" 220-pound quarterback from Florida is impressed by BYU current quarterback coach and its history of all-American quarterbacks.

BYU is in the hunt for one of the most prolific high schools quarterbacks in the state of Florida. This senior-to-be has been setting records for his South Florida high school since starting for the varsity squad as a sophomore. He is looking to improve those numbers in his senior campaign.

Dexter Davidson is a 6'4", 220-pound quarterback recruit from Boca Raton, Florida, who has become accustomed to receiving recruiting letters. He just completed his junior season as the starting quarterback for North Broward Prep Academy.

"I've been receiving letters for a while now," Davidson said. "I've been starting at quarterback for the last two years and I've been to some camps, so schools know about me, I guess."

Interest will continue to come in droves for Davidson. As a sophomore he threw for over 2600 yards while setting a Broward County Prep record with 39 touchdown passes.

"I've been fortunate to have started since I was a sophomore," he said. "I've also had some great players around me to help me out."

Chief among those players was wide receiver Michael Moore. He recently signed a letter of intent to play for the University of Georgia. "Most of the recruiters and coaches that saw me play came to see Moore," Davidson said. "So I'm fortunate to have played with such a great receiver like Mike (Moore.)"

But Davidson is sure to be the premier feature in his up-coming senior season. "I've received letters consistently from Michigan, Georgia, Notre Dame, Auburn, Duke, Florida, Texas Tech, BYU, Kentucky and some others." he said. "I'm really wide open right now and I'm just going to see which schools offer me and then decide. I haven't received any firm offers yet, but some schools have indicated that they're likely to offer me."

What is BYU's place in the expanding recruiting scenario for this non-LDS prospect from the other side of the continent? "I just really like Brandon Doman and the tradition BYU has had with their quarterbacks over the years," Davidson answered.

BYU's letter quickly caught Davidson's attention and stood apart from the others in a unique way. "It was just a great letter," he said. "It was full color and had a picture of the stadium to show me where I would get to play. It then had photos of the great quarterbacks that have played in that stadium like Jim McMahon, Steve Young and some others. I didn't know that some of those guys played for BYU.

"Oh, I remember seeing Doman play when he was in college. The offense he ran was just awesome. I loved watching him and BYU's offense back then and that's the type of offense I'd like to play for. Having Doman as my quarterbacks coach is something I like a lot about BYU."

Davidson is also very familiar with the Texas Tech offense that will be incorporated at BYU, now that Robert Anae has joined the fold as offensive coordinator. "We run the same offense here at North Broward," Davidson said. "We spread the field with 4 and 5 receivers, so it's an offense I'm familiar with and one I think I can do well in."

Davidson plans on making the rounds at summer camps primarily in his home state of Florida. He will also attend some other camps in the Southwest. His coach already has been contacted by Coach Doman and Davidson can't wait to meet Doman when the recruiting process begins in earnest.

"I just think Doman is great quarterback and I'm sure he'd be an excellent coach as well," Davidson said. "I like the letters he's sending me and hopefully I'll get to sit down with him to discuss my prospects of playing for BYU. I'm wide open right now, but BYU is definitely as school I'm considering and I don't see that changing."

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