Recruit Profile: Michael Callaghan

The 6'2" 185-pound defensive back from Arizona is getting some early looks from BYU and Pac-10 schools.

In the state of Arizona lies 5A Brophy High School. It is a Catholic high school where a junior safety prospect is currently receiving much attention from PAC -10, WAC and MWC schools.

Michael Callaghan was a key cog in the Brophy Bronco secondary as a junior. He hopes to use his talents to earn him a division one football scholarship. Given his accomplishments last year, he is well on his way to achieving that goal.

"I had 114 tackles with 4 interceptions and I ran two of them back for touchdowns," Callaghan said. "I was All-Region and Second Team All-State."

Callaghan is projected to play somewhere on the defensive side of the ball which is where he would like to play if all goes as planned.

"I'm 6'2, 185. My forty is 4.65 and my vertical is 30 and half inches," he continued. "Other tests I've done are my broad jump where I did 8'6" and I benched 185-pounds 15 times. I squat 365 and power clean 245.

"I want to play safety in college but if that doesn't work out then I would like to play quarterback or maybe like an outside linebacker or something. Maybe like a rover or something like that on defense."

Currently a few PAC-10 and MWC schools have written letters of interest and sent out questionnaires to find out more about this talented soon to be high school senior.

"Oregon, Arizona State, U of A (Arizona), New Mexico State and BYU," he said are some of the schools who have sent letters. "I've got some handwritten ones saying good job on last year's season and good luck on next season."

Growing up a Catholic in a Catholic school, Callaghan has followed Notre Dame football most of his life.

"Notre Dame is my favorite team," he said. "Ever since I was little I've always liked Notre Dame and I've always been apart of that fan base. I like their tradition as well."

Although Notre Dame hasn't sent Callaghan any letters and he hopes that changes in the near future. Currently he is looking at those schools that have shown interest in his on field accomplishments.

Out of the universities who've sent him letters Callaghan said Arizona, BYU and Oregon have shown the most interest. Oregon even sent seven letters in one group, but Callaghan wasn't sure that meant anything extra.

Callaghan talked openly about what these schools have sent him and what he is looking for in a university.

"Oregon has sent me lots of letters about the school," Callaghan said. "It wasn't handwritten but it was good season stuff and you're like one of the top prospects in the country. It was worded like, ‘you have the possibility to be one' and stuff like that.

"I don't really know much about them. They just sent me a letter and that was the first time I had heard of them, but I like the program in what I've seen. I just want to check things out right now. I don't know much about the campus."

He had this to say about Arizona: "I love the facilities at Arizona and everyone was real nice there. I like the coaches a lot and I like their defensive backs coach.

"I like their recruiting director, Tim Kish, and he's been sending me a lot of stuff and he's a cool guy and has sent me a lot of letters. He's visited me a couple of times. He came and got me in class and has sent me hand written letters about how their works out started and what I can expect in their workouts. He was very personal."

BYU and Wyoming from the MWC have also sent letters of interest along with the WAC's New Mexico State.

"Wyoming sent me a questionnaire and BYU's was handwritten saying good job and they sent me a questionnaire," he said. "New Mexico State was the same thing. BYU's was cool because they sent me handwritten letters like good season and stuff, and sent me a questionnaire to fill out. That's pretty much all I've received from BYU."

Callaghan said that he's seen some film on Arizona and liked how they had lots of different defensive backs. He hasn't seen much film of BYU or Oregon.

Callaghan is looking for a university with good football facilities, friendly yet rowdy fans all rolled into a good academic setting. He also feels it would be a plus if he can attend a college that is more conducive to a wholesome environment.

"I'm definitely looking at academics and environment," he said. "I'm looking at the type of students they have and the student environment, like how friendly they are. I'm looking at facilities and what kind of people (coaches) they have working their. I guess the facilities and the environment are the two big things I'll be looking for.

"I would like it better if the fans are really rowdy and got into it a lot than the fans that are more reserved. I look at the students and how they react and if they are one big family because that's what I have here at Brophy (High School). I just want to feel comfortable."

Callaghan is currently training with a personal trainer in the off-season and is running track. His events are the high jump and triple jump. In college he hopes to play a "roving" position in the defensive secondary. In the mean time he hopes to showcase his talents at a NIKE Camp and other various college campuses.

"I'm going to attend the NIKE Camp at Stanford. I got invited to that and maybe some college campuses but I got to see what's going on," Callaghan said.

Total Blue Sports will continue to follow Callaghan's recruiting throughout his final season of high school football.

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