Recruit Profile: Zane Taylor

Deep in the Utah desert is Grand County High School. Zane Taylor is an impressive defensive line recruit from that school. The 6'3" 275-pound lineman had 97 tackles this past season. He talks about his future prospects with TBS.

Southern Utah is home to fantastic landscapes and desert sky beauty. It is also home to a small-town defensive lineman from Grant High School who possesses big time Division-1 potential.

Zane Taylor is a 6'3", 275-pound and plays both offensive and defensive tackle He uses his size, strength and 4.9-second 40 speed to dominate the southern Utah high school gridiron trenches. He is also a two time All-State wrestler looking to make it three in a row.

"I'm not really a fat build at all," Taylor said. "My body fat is in the low teens and I'm a leaner guy. I can bench 315 four times. I haven't really maxed but I'm sure it's probably in the mid-300 range. I normally do reps and don't really focus on maxes that much but I have squatted 425 ten times. I'm guessing my max is somewhere over 500-pounds. I'm really proud of my clean and I've done 305-pounds five times.

"I really love wrestling a lot. Not as much as football but it gives me something to do in the winter. I used to be a basketball player but in my sophomore year I decided to try wrestling out. I ended up taking state in the heavy weight my sophomore year. So I was state champion at 15-years-old and I just took it again a month ago. So now I'm a two-time state champion and hopefully take it again next year for a third year."

On the football field, Taylor is a two way linemen. Grand County High School defensive coaches have centered the defensive line play on Taylor's talents.

"On offense I play offensive guard but that's not my favorite place," he continued. "My passion is playing on defense. The defense, we had this year, was centered around me playing [against] anyone on the offensive line, trying to switch from maybe tackle to nose guard or to another tackle or linebacker.

"I had 97 tackles and it was either the first or second most on the team. I tackled more than the linebackers on the team and I'm just a lineman. I think I got over 30 tackles for a loss and I'm not quite sure how many sacks or anything."

From his on field accomplishments, Taylor received First Team All-State status – an accomplishment that is usually reserved for players whose teams play in the state play-offs.

"I got All-State Fist Team for Utah in both the Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News," he said. "It was kind of uncommon because my team didn't even make the play-offs and normally it's hard for one of those guys from one of those teams to make it as an all-state period. I got it on both papers."

Currently Taylor has received letters from PAC-10, MWC, WAC and even from a few Ivy League schools.

"I've been getting a bunch of letters and Utah seems to be really interested," Taylor said. "Cal, Colorado, UCLA, USU, and a couple other ones are as well. I'm supposed to be getting some from Iowa too and I got some from Yale and Harvard as well. I don't know if I'll be going there. The Ivy League isn't something more for me and I'm looking to go someplace in the West. During the football season I was getting weekly letters from Cal and ASU quite a bit.

"My GPA is around 3.5 and I've lettered every year. I've got a lot of other stuff I do outside sports. I'm kind of a thespian and I'm really into acting. I've stared in the big high school musicals we have every fall. You ask anyone at school and I‘m probably the biggest guy into acting and drama. I'm into singing and acting and all that stuff. I'm also a member of the National Honors Society."

For Taylor, the school that has shown the most interest in the state of Utah has been the University of Utah. It is currently his top in-state choice.

"I think I would probably want to play for them more than anyone right now," he said. "Mainly because they've done so well, though they might not do so well since Urban Meyer went to Florida. I would really like to go there because they have a really good history and I would like to be apart of that program.

"Also their school colors are red and we're the Red Devils and I'm kind of into that whole red pride thing."

Although BYU hasn't sent any letters to Taylor, his father has e-mailed a BYU coach to try and spark interest in his son.

"I haven't gotten any letters from them, but I think BYU is a great school and a great campus and it has a really good football history. I'm sure I would fit in fine with everything and wouldn't have any problems with their [honor] code.

"I'm not LDS, but you can ask any of my friends and I'm as LDS as any LDS kid can be. All my friends are LDS but I go to a Baptist Community Church."

During the summer, Taylor hopes to be able to showcase his talents for college coaches during local summer camps in the hopes they will offer him a D-1 scholarship.

"I'm looking to go to some camp out in California and I'm definitely looking to go to the Utes camp. I don't know which one yet in California, but I might go to UCLA's and I might go to the one in Stanford."

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