"I just want to hit a lot of people."

Mountain West quarterbacks beware! After a season ending injury, BYU Katback K.C. Bills is looking to make an impression as BYU's blitzing, hard hitting Katback.

When a defense is geared towards blitzing, one thing you don't want to be is an opposing quarterback staring down a 6'2", 220-pound frame like the one many will face in K.C. Bills.

"One good thing about having that time off is I've never quite felt like I really got my legs back after my mission," said Bills. "I never felt like I was quite as quick. I've even gotten a step back just working my legs. I'm 220 and I feel good and this is the fastest I've ever been."

Starting as a linebacker over a year ago, Bills will be moved over to right Katback were he looks to impose 220 pounds of solid will upon opposing quarterbacks.

"I'll be playing Kat," Bills said. "I'm playing right Kat and I like it. I haven't been able to play obviously, but I've been watching a lot of film. I think I've got it down pretty much I've just got to put it into practice. The Kat blitzes quite a bit and the Cougar doesn't blitz."

Running with the first team during today's first day of spring practices, Bills was all over the field causing havoc on a day of light skeli and drill workouts.

"Well I think we just wanted to get an idea of what practice is supposed to be like," said Bills. "A lot of the older guys know that and know we got to run around quite a bit. There are some new guys that need to learn the new way but I think they learned that today, but it felt good we ran a round quite a bit and the offense looks good and we feel good. One thing is I think we are in great shape and we conditioned quite a bit, so I feel like everyone is in great shape and I'm getting used to running around like a DB. I'm kind of big for that but it feels good. It's good to get going. I haven't played for ever."

After sustaining a shoulder injury during the Notre Dame game last season, Bill's said his shoulder feels good but he probably won't participate in the spring game simply for precautionary purposes.

"It feels good. I probably won't play in the spring game or anything and that‘s just precautionary but it feels good," said Bills.

Having to sit out a few plays after being in the wrong place at the wrong time, BYU wide receiver Trent Griffith got a taste of what it's like to be "touched" by a starting Katback the likes of Bills Monday in practice when Bill knocked him down after a pass was thrown his way.

"Yeah, I did do that," chuckled Bills. "That was kind of cheap but I haven't touched anybody for months so I just had to and I apologized to him later. Trent was just kind of the guy that was there at the wrong place at the wrong time."

Trent Griffith should be grateful Bills controlled most of his pent up aggression as BYU wide receivers are now getting the ins and outs of the revised BYU offense being put into place.

"Well it's different even on 7 on 7s," Bills said. "Through the off-season we've seen the differences. It's just a lot of quick short stuff and that's hard to cover because there's a lot of crossing and you'll get picked and wont know where to go. They look good and it's fun to play against opponents that are good. We're going to have some good battles I can tell already.

"We're ready to go and it's always like that. You can only run for so long before you have to hit somebody. I'm ready to hit somebody. I need to hit somebody. I just want to hit a lot of people. I just want to get nasty. Our defense is going to be really good and we're nasty. You can tell and everyone has a chip on their shoulder and I know I do and I know they do."

In conclusion Bills wanted to relay this message to BYU fans and booster everywhere.

"Just keep supporting us. As an fan you've got to be really excited because our offense is going to be fun to watch and our defense is going to be as good as ever. It's going to be fun to watch."

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