Reed is Brimming with Enthusiasm

Michael Reed, a 6'2", 190-pound 5A First Team All-State receiver out of Baytown, Texas has something to say to BYU fans. "I just want to tell all of you BYU fans out there to come out to the games and support us this year. We're going to bring something new to the table, and we're expecting some big things. We're going to give you guys some ball games."

These are the words of a redshirt freshman receiver who is overflowing with excitement as spring ball is now fully underway. Part of his excitement comes from getting plenty of reps within an offense he grew to love while attending Lee High School in Baytown, Texas. It is an offense he knows well and one that fits his style of play as a receiver.

"Yes sir, I'm very excited about this offense," Reed said. "I mean, I grew up in Texas as a Texas Tech fan, and I love their offense. I hate to say it, but I love that Texas Tech offense. You see them on TV throwing 60 to 70 balls, and I know that's the old BYU offense. We've kind of got away from that a little bit, but, we're back to throwing it like that again.

"I'm really excited about all the quarterbacks we've got here, all of them. It doesn't matter if they're first or fourth, all are producing really well and the receivers are catching the ball and getting up the field.

"I love it. I come from a passing high school, and it seems like the plays we run here we ran at my high school because we got a lot of Texas Tech tapes there. It fits me really well and I love it. I want to thank the BYU coaching staff for pushing us because none of us thought we had it in us to do everything like we've been doing. We're really looking great and everyone is giving all their effort."

The unrestrained effort being put out by each team member is apparently having a unifying effect.

"We're more of a team this year," Reed said. "Last year we were more separated. You had your defense on one side and your offense on one side and we never got to be a team really together, but this year Mendenhall's got us being a team again. That's what Bronco Mendenhall brings. He's bringing us back together as a team. When one goes out, we all go out."

Along with his talents, Reed's familiarity with this style of offense has contributed to him getting plenty of reps early in spring practice. Reed expects to see some playing time as a redshirt freshman on the field of LaVell Edwards Stadium this coming season.

"I expect big things from myself and everybody on this team," said Reed. "We've got to go out there and produce and show the fans that BYU is back.

"Coach Anae is bringing this great offense here; a fast paced offense with high tempo. It's never stopping—it's just boom, boom, boom every second! This year is going to be a fast paced offense and it's going to be very exciting. This is going to be a very exciting year."

Reed expects a lot out of himself and will do whatever it takes to be successful and help his team win. He feels this offense will help not only him to be successful, but the entire receiving corps as well.

"It fits the receivers, not just me in particular, but every receiver on the team," Reed pointed out. "Today we must have thrown about 300 balls and every receiver is trying their best to catch the ball going full speed. We know we're going to be a passing team and the running backs know they're going to be involved in the passing game a lot so everybody's got to learn how to catch the ball, tuck the ball and get up the field."

Terrell Owens of the Philadelphia Eagles is a player Reed follows closely and one he most tries to pattern his game after on the football field.

"I can do anything," declared a confident Reed. "If they want me to go deep, I'll go deep. If they want a jump ball, I'll go up and get it. If they want me to go across the middle, I'll go across the middle. Anything I can bring to the table, I'll bring. My role model is Terrell Owens. I try to watch everything he does and that's my role model and one day I hope to live up to his standard."

Those are some big shoes to fill, but Reed is confident and believes he'll be successful within the revised BYU offense. He's already committed much of this offense to memory and is working on personal performance and perfecting the plays within this high tempo practice environment.

‘"We've already learned a lot of the plays," Reed said. "But today it was just to make it a perfect day. Just start out good and not have too many dropped balls. Just tuck the ball and get up field and produce yardage. [The coaches] want a fast tempo and don't want anybody stopping. If somebody is stopping we start all over, so the coaches want a fast pace tempo and that's what we're going to give them."

With new BYU Coach Patrick Higgins now on staff developing BYU's outside receivers, Reed's respect and admiration for the new coach has grown tremendously. Reed feels that Higgins, along with the rest of the BYU staff, would go to war with him, and because of this he's grown close to his coaches.

"I just want to start off by saying that Coach Higgins is a great receivers coach," Reed declared. "He coaches everybody and it doesn't matter if you're first string, second, third or fourth string. It doesn't matter if you're starting or not he makes sure he coaches everybody the same way and tells everybody the same thing from first to last.

"He brings a lot of discipline. He brings hard work to his job. I mean just the other day we had to climb the wall and I don't know of too many coaches who would climb the wall with us, but all of our coaches climb the wall with us and that's saying a lot. That says if there's going to be a war they will go to war with us. They can't be on the field with us, but we can battle on the field for them."

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