Fan Quest Episode 2

Fan Quest, where BYU fans get to pick the players they want and get their questions asked. Today's TBS Fan Quest selection is freshman right guard Travis Bright. Today's "Fan Quest" was requested by Weldon Decker, Mark Pedersen, Rex McBride, Jon Shircliff, Ryan Orgill, John Hulet and Jim Morris.

Following a redshirt year last season, offensive guard Travis Bright is working hard to move off the scout team and onto the starting line.

Bright said the following about the new wide splits on the BYU offensive line: "I think the pros are you're able to see the defense twist a little bit more. The only con I can think is they've got an easier route inside, but if you just make sure that does happen you're fine. I love the wide splits. It's a little different but I feel like I've got a little bit more area that is mine. I like it."

So how does Bright like playing in this new offense?

"I love it," said Bright. "Any football player wants to play but being to play in this new offense with coach Anae is great. I like the pass and I like the run game and be able to hit anyone."

As a young offensive linemen, the hardest factor has been reading the defense and memorizing new offensive schemes.

"Probably for me it's just learning the defense, who to block on certain schemes that they pull," said Bright about what his most difficult task has been. "Just learning the offense and trying to memorize everything, but in time that will all come."

For offensive linemen, some defensive players are more difficult to block than others depending on their style of play. For Bright, there are two players that stand out.

"I would say it's in between Vincent [Feula] and Manaia [Brown]," Bright said. "Manaia has great hands and great speed, and Vince, he's just a Hoss and he's a big ole dude. He's a bull dozer but both are really good players."

Having completed two years of duty pounding the pavement, knocking on doors and avoiding the woes of missionary life, Bright sees some similarities between missionary life and the life of a football player.

"I would say there are definitely similarities because when you're working your working and you‘re not playing around," said Bright. "When you‘re done with the day you can go to sleep, and that's kind of like practice. You work your tail off and when ever you're off the field you can play around but when you work, you go to work."

Bright did not play on BYU's football team prior to serving a mission so he is grateful for the opportunity to now be able to play four straight years.

"It's great and I'm really glad they did that," said Bright. "That's awesome because I have tons to learn and coach Grimes is doing great working with me."

Contributing to the future success of this football team is first and foremost on the mind of Travis Bright. Seeing his team go through the struggles and hardships of losing seasons while not be able to help was simply "terrible" for the talented linemen.

"It was horrible," Bright remembered. "I wanted to be out there and playing, but I mean, granted doing the job of playing on the scout team helping out the defense is good, but no one wants to watch someone else play where you want to play."

So who of all the teams BYU played last year and, possibly lost to, does Bright want to beat the most?

"All of them but especially Utah. I want to beat them and I just want to look at their face when we beat them," said Bright.

Most BYU fans are on the same page as Bright on this one, and seeing the faces of Utah fans after a loss to BYU is something Cougar fans have been waiting to see for some time now. Bright is working hard to ensure that it becomes a reality by improving his beep test work performance following a recent marriage.

"It's coming, I got married so I missed the first one but the second one I got 40," Bright said.

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