Recruit Update: Rashaun Broadus

As the basketball signing period draws closer, BYU is looking to add depth at both guard positions and in the post. Ideally, BYU would like to find a guard who could fill both roles. One potential candidate is Rashaun Broadus from Western Nebraska Junior College.

Rasahun Broadus is a 6-foot point guard who averaged 14.6 points, 4.2 rebounds and 3.5 assists as a sophomore. He had season highs of 31 points, nine rebounds and 7 assists. His leadership helped the Cougars to a 28-5 record, including 24-0 start. Western Nebraska was also the number one ranked junior college in the nation for three weeks during that run.

Head Coach Ron Brillhart said that Broadus is "a very good player who's being highly recruited."

Although Broadus will likely play the point at the next level, he is not a true point. "He's somewhere between a one and a two," Coach Brillhart said. "He's a slasher type player. He's a real competitor, physically strong and quick. He's a good, solid all around players. He's a very well built kid – muscular, strong. He's quick and the combination of his quickness and strength, I think he can play defense in that league."

Broadus is able to use his quickness to get in the lane. He is strong enough to get a shot off in traffic, but also quick enough to pop it out to the open man on the wing. Broadus' slashing and dishing abilities make him appealing to coaches in need of an offensive catalyst.

Coach Brillhart did acknowledge that Broadus is a streaky shooter. "When he's on, he's on," Brillhart said. "But that's not terribly unusual." Evidence of his streakiness came during one five game stretch. He shot 40-percent one game, then hit better than 60-percent for three straight games (at least 11 attempts in all three) and then shot 37-percent in a fifth game.

Broadus is also a very good defender. He averaged nearly two steals a game and he is not prone to foul trouble. In fact, in Western Nebraska's 33 games he only had three or more fouls on three occasions.

If he does sign with BYU, Coach Brillhart thinks they'll like what they get. "Rashaun is a very good player," he said. "He's a solid teammate and likes to keep his teammates involved. He's all about winning."

Winning is something that was in short supply at BYU last year. Broadus is also being recruited by Colorado State, Houston, Montana and Wyoming.

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