Feula Prepared to Succeed

BYU senior nose tackle Vince Feula has had a solid spring practice so far. Already one of the strongest players on the team, Feula used a high energy approach on-the-field aided by his intense off-the-field training to solidify his place in the rotation on the defensive line.

"Well it's exciting man," Vince Feula said. "I put in a lot of hard work in the off-season and I'm just trying real hard. I don't want to be a back up to anybody my senior year, so I'm just trying to work hard in the off-season and it's starting to show out here."

Feula has been receiving a lot of reps with the first team defense.

"He had a great off-season and we are rewarding him by giving him the amount of work he's getting," said BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall. "It's earned at this point. His job is now to sustain it."

Having lost nearly 30 pounds, Feula is a leaner and meaner defensive tackle that is giving BYU‘s offensive line all they can handle.

"I feel real good," Feula said. "I feel a lot lighter, a lot stronger and a lot quicker. I dropped about 25 pounds but I've still got about more 10 to go. I'm about 315 right now and want to get to down to 305."

Now that BYU strong man Scott Young has graduated from the team and is moving towards the NFL, Feula has been noted by fellow teammates as one of the strongest players on the team. A fact that was recently came to light during a team weight lifting session.

"It's always been a natural thing for me," said Feula about his strength. "I've always been strong. Growing up my dad was a body builder and was a weight lifter and was in weight lifting competitions, so I used to always work out with him. It's just stuck with me like in high school. I've always been strong and now and I'm just working hard as hard as I can."

Returning with Feula on the defensive this year are Michael and Daniel Marquardt, Manaia Brown, Hala Paongo, Justin Carlson-Maddox and T.J Sitaki. Feula feels this year's defense is much improved over last years up front.

"We still have a lot of young guys in our secondary but as far as our front and our linebacker corps, we're a lot stronger than we were last year," Feula said. "We just got to get our DB's starting on defense and we‘ll be really good."

Feula is still trying to get used to the view on the interior D-line. Not the view from his position, but the scene he sees across the line of scrimmage involving the new offensive line formations.

"It's hard with those splits," Feula said. "You know those splits are like three yards apart and it's hard because you're rushing from the outside and by the time you beat [the offensive linemen] the quarterback is like another 10 yards. So you gotta run another ten yards just to get him. It's hard to get sacks on these guys because they're so spread out so wide. It's real hard for us. We're basically just running around out there and chasing quarterbacks all over the place like 10 and 15 yards down field.

"The scheme is one of the best I've ever played against. It's really confusing and I've never played against an offense like that. They get the ball off real quick and it's basically just three steps and the ball is gone, so that's pretty hard for a defensive linemen because by the time you rush in it's like I said, three steps and the ball is gone."

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