BYU Spring Ball: Day 12 [UPDATED]

Friday marked the biggest scrimmage of BYU spring football practice. As such it was a time for players to prove their worth and for coaches to look at what still needs fixing. has a play-by-play break down of the scrimmage as well as reactions to the contest from Coach Bronco Mendenhall.

LaVell Edwards stadium got it's first good use of the new year today as more than 250 former players and their families were on hand to watch a spring practice scrimmage. It was played like a real game with alternating kickoffs, a time clock, and every thing else. Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall very much wanted to emulate a real game situation as the team nears the end of spring practice.

"It was a chance for the players to show what they could do without us out there coaching them every play," said Mendenhall. "It was a chance to see them respond in different situations. The object of today was to see what they know and to see where they were."

So where is the team at right now according to Mendenhall after three weeks of practice? "We're inconsistent, we don't play hard enough, our assignments aren't sound and we're sloppy in our discipline at this point with three more spring practices to go," Mendenhall declared. "I have a completely different vision of where we're going than where we are right now. A sense of urgency is something I feel that we need to do better at."

One of the big problems that reared its ugly head during the team's first truly live scrimmage was dropped passes by the receiving corps. "It was interesting that drops and offsides showed up today and neither one had I considered a problem until today," said Mendenhall. "But when you step back and watch them play you learn a lot more."

So what does Mendenhall do to help the players improve between now and next Saturday? "Make sure they understand that when the coaches step back and don't control the environment and when we give more responsibility to them that they'll know what to do," said Mendenhall. "To make sure we define the situation right, so that we'll have teachable moments, so the next time we do this, which will be next Saturday, we'll improve."

Although there remains a great deal of work to be done, the players were still able to enjoy the real game feel of the scrimmage today. "It was a lot of fun, but it was a great learning situation for us," said quarterback John Beck. "We can now see more clearly what we need to work on and we can see that we have a long way to go to be where we need to be. We have a good base right now. It's coming. We all wish it was coming faster, but we're going in the right direction."

"I wasn't sure where we were," said Mendenhall. "I know now."

So who were the stars of today's scrimmage? What players that jumped out in Coach Mendenhall's mind specifically among the three quarterbacks competing for a starting job? "I didn't notice any of them," Mendenhall said. "I didn't feel that any of them emerged. I'll be better able to tell after I watch the film. I think the past few days that John Beck is inching ahead of the others. Whether that was the case or not today I'll have to evaluate and see. But the fact that none of them stood out is probably the best answer."

"We want to be a high-scoring offense and to be a high-scoring offense you have to stay on the field," said John Beck. "We can't have as many three-and-outs and not converting third down situations that we had because we need to stay on the field. We just need to work on getting that first down so we can stay on the field."

So what were some of the positives in Mendenhall's mind? "It was a great chance to work," said the coach. "The offense has gone from not knowing the play to being able to pick up almost every blitz that was thrown at them. They're throwing the ball more on time and to the right person and I was pleased with that part of it. Overall it gives us a chance to see who is making plays and who isn't and now we can see what spots we need help at immediately."

Here's the scrimmage play-by-play:

1's vs. 1's

- John Beck incomplete pass to Joe Griffin. Pass dropped

- Jo. Beck incomplete pass to Matthew Smith. Pass dropped

- Jo. Beck to Jonny Harline for 5 yards

2's vs. 2's

- Fahu Tahi run for loss of 3 yards Dan Bates and Gary Lovely on the tackles

- Matt Berry incomplete pass to Michael Reed. Overthrown pass

- Berry incomplete pass to Harline. Bates with the hit to force the incompletion

1's vs. 1's

- Jason Beck on the run incomplete to Griffin. Nate Soelberg called for pass interference on the coverage.

- Fahu Tahi off right tackle for 5 yards

- Ja. Beck to Nathan Meikle for 14 yards

- Ja. Beck under heavy pressure to Joe Griffin for 24 yards

- Offsides on the defense

- Joe Semanoff 5 yard run off right tackle for the touchdown

- Jared McGlaughlin with the extra point

2's vs.2's

- Jo. Beck to Riley Weber for 5 yards

- Jo. Beck under pressure from Richard Nehring scrambled for 6 yards

- Jo. Beck under pressure from a full blitz dumped the ball off to Tahi for 8 yards

- Daniel Hansen run up the middle for 5 yards

- Tahi juked defenders in the backfiled and ran for 3 yards

- Jo. Beck to Harline for 16 yards

- Wayne Latu on a sweep ran for 17 yards

- Daniel Hansen hit in the backfield by Dan Bates for 4 yard loss

- T.J. Sitake sacked Jo. Beck for 5 yard loss after high snap from Jeff Rhea

- Jo. Beck incomplete to Harline

- Tyler Holt 33 yard field goal

1's vs. 1's

- Berry to Joe Griffin for 6 yards

- Tahi hit in backfield for 1 yard loss. Tackle by Cameron Jensen and Vince Feula

- Berry to Harline for 7 yards

- Berry sacked for 2 yard loss by Cameron Jensen

- Offsides on the defense

- Berry incomplete to Meikle. Tight coverage by Dustin Gabriel

- Berry under heavy pressure incomplete to Joe Griffin

- McGlaughlin punt to Saia Hafoka

2's vs. 2's

- Ja. Beck to Brett Cooper for 8 yards

- Ja. Beck sacked by Judd Anderton for 5 yard loss. Play blown dead before Lovely intercepted the pass and returned it for a touchdown

- Offsides on the defense

- Latu run for no gain

- McGlaughlin punts to Nathan Meikle

1's vs. 1's

- Jo. Beck incomplete to Harline. Overthrown pass

- Jo. Beck sacked by Staffieri for 5 yard loss

- Jo. Beck to Reed on a screen for 8 yards. Called back for holding

- McGlaughlin punt to Brett Cooper

2's vs. 3's

- Berry to Meikle for 2 yards. Tackle by Andrew Stacey

- Berry to Cooper for 40 yards with good coverage by Dan Richards

- Berry to Meikle for 4 yards

- Berry to Weber for 12 yards

- Berry incomplete pass to Weber. Craig North knocked the pass away

- Hansen hit in backfield for 3 yard loss

- Berry 10 yard pass to a leaping Weber for a touchdown

- McGlaughlin for the extra point

1's vs. 1's

- Ja. Beck to Fahu Tahi on a swing pass for 11 yards

- Mike McInelly avoids a rush up the middle on a run for 1 yard

- Ja. Beck sacked for 8 yard loss by Michael Marquardt and Spencer White

- Ja. Beck picked off by Quinn Gooch. Pass returned for a touchdown

- McGlaughlin kickoff to Cooper

2's vs. 2's

- Jo. Beck to Reed for 25 yard on an out route

- Jo. Beck to Harline for 5 yards

- Jo. Beck under pressure incomplete to Coats. Pass dropped

- Jo. Beck to Latu for 4 yards on swing pass

- Jo. Beck to Meikle for 8 yards

- Jo. Beck sacked by Manaia Brown

- Offsides and pass interference on the defense. Interference accepted

- Jo. Beck sacked by Rich Hada for 6 yard loss

- Jo. Beck incomplete to David Gooch. Pass dropped

- Jo. Beck to Reed for 15 yards on a screen

- McGlaughlin makes 38 yard field goal

1's vs. 1's

- Berry to Smith for 39 yards

- Berry to Cooper for 4 yards

- Tahi runs for 1 yard. Soelberg on the tackle

- Berry incomplete to Meikle

2's vs. 2's

- Ja. Beck incomplete pass to Watterson. Pass dropped

- Ja. Beck to Meikle for 4 yards. Ryan Beck with an open field tackle

- Ja. Beck sacked by Adam Nelson for a 6 yards loss

1's vs. 1's

- Tahi 5 yard run up the middle

- Jo. Beck sacked by Justin Carlson-Maddux for 6 yard loss

- Jo. Beck to McInelly for 8 yards

- McGlaughlin punt to Meikle

2's vs. 3's

- Berry incomplete to Cooper. Pass knocked down by Russell Hill

- Berry incomplete to Cooper. Tight coverage again by Hill

- Berry incomplete to Cooper. Pass into double coverage

- McGlaughlin punt to Hafoka

1's vs. 1's

- Ja. Beck to Reed on a comeback pattern for 17 yards

- Ja. Beck incomplete pass to Harline. Jensen with coverage

- Delay of Game on the offense

- Ja. Beck to Harline for 6 yards

- Ja. Beck to Griffin for 7 yards

- Tahi run for 2 yard loss. Tackle by Gooch


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