New Look Debuts on Provo Runways

The BYU football team's new uniforms were unveiled today at a press conference attended by former and current players, coaches, donors, media and even living BYU legend LaVell Edwards. TBS sampled the reaction to the new look from those who will soon be donning the throwback attire.

"They're old-school and I like that mentality," said linebacker Justin Luettgerodt of the new BYU uniforms. "I love them. I can't wait to play in them."

"I like them a lot," added fellow linebacker Aaron Wagner. "More for the representation of what they mean than the look itself, but I do like the look."

Cornerback Nate Hutchinson also saw what was embodied in the uniforms that closely resemble those worn by Cougar teams in the '80's and '90's. "I just think it's important to go back to the winning traditions of the past," he said. "The uniforms are a symbol of that."

In addition to liking the look and symbolism, some players expressed that uniforms would even help improve performance. "The old uniforms didn't breathe really well," said Leuttgerodt. "Looking at these ones up close I can see that I'll be able to move around better in them and I definitely like that."

According to quarterback John Beck, these are the uniforms he dreamed about playing in as kid before coming to BYU. "When I made-believe as kid that I was a BYU football player, I was wearing a white helmet and for the past few years I've been in a dark blue helmet, so yeah, I love the new look," he said. "It's what I've always dreamed of playing in since I was a kid."

Luettgerodt agreed with Beck that the new uniforms hearken back to glory days past. The Cougar defender then went a step further by pointing out the uniforms are a reminder about where he and his teammates need to take the team. "When I see those uniforms I see Holiday Bowls, great players and winning seasons," said Leuttgerodt. "I don't know if I saw those in the old uniforms. Of course they're just uniforms, but they mean something and it's our job as players to make sure they mean something."

Cornerback Kayle Buchanan pointed out that it is not the uniform that is important, but what is inside of it. "I hate to be a party-pooper, but a new uniform doesn't mean as much to me as what has been going on already and what will continue to happen with the team," said Buchanan. "I think the new uniform is more for the fans than it is for us. It's a symbol to them. We know what we've been doing and we know what we'll accomplish under Coach Mendenhall. Uniforms are nice and it's kind of nostalgic, but what we're doing with Coach Mendenhall means so much more than what a simple uniform can do."

"We're bringing BYU back to its glory days," Leuttgerodt declared. "Just as guys like Chad Lewis and others have told us, we have a tradition to uphold and we're going to do that. These new uniforms going back to the old look remind us of that charge and I can't wait to put it on."

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