Cougars Get Second 2006 Commit

Some recruits commit to their college suitor only after multiple visits, countless letters, endless conversations and enough schmoozing to make anyone feel like the King of England. Others simply receive an email, respond to it and call it good. BYU's second commitment of the class of 2006 opted for the quick and easy recruiting approach.

Sam Doman has a name that is familiar to even the most casual fan of BYU football. Sam is a 6-4, 200 quarterback prospect from Canby, Oregon who is currently serving a mission to the Dominican Republic. According to his father Dee Doman, Sam will come home bigger (and not just heavier) than he left. "He's growing out there on his mission," Dee said. "I don't know if he's 6-5 yet, but he's getting a little bit taller."

Sam played quarterback in Canby High School's rush heavy attack alongside his cousin, 2005 BYU signee Shawn Doman. Out of high school, Sam Doman was determined to play for BYU. Former Cougar head coach Gary Crowton was reciprocating Sam's desire to be a part of BYU's football program, but the official offer never came.

"He had everybody around here looking at him," said Dee. "Oregon, Washington, Washington State and a bunch of others were sending him letters and talking to him, but he told everybody he was going to BYU, so they backed off. Then he didn't get an offer to sign with BYU, so he just left on his mission straight out of high school hoping that the offer would come."

In the meantime, new BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall hired Sam's cousin Brandon Doman as the Cougar's new quarterbacks coach. This did not automatically lead to an offer for his son Sam, however. Dee indicated that his nephew did not want to lay out the red carpet for any of his family members.

"About 2 weeks ago, Coach Mendenhall came into Brandon's office and asked about Sam," Dee recounted. "Brandon told him what he knew Sam and gave Coach Mendenhall a tape to watch. Coach Mendenhall came back that day after watching it and told Brandon to offer Sam a scholarship."

With Sam currently serving a mission, Brandon called his uncle with the offer. Dee then sent Sam an email which Sam was able to respond to promptly as he is currently serving in the mission office in the Dominican Republic. It didn't take Sam long to arrive at a decision.

"Oh, he didn't have to think about it long," said Dee with a laugh. "BYU is the place and really the only place he's ever wanted to play, so he sent us back an email telling us that he'd accept the offer and we informed the coaches and it was done."

Doman played for a run-happy program in high school where he passed for 1100 yards and ran for over 600 as a senior. While a lot of schools recruited Sam as an athlete, BYU's offer is for him to play quarterback.

Although Dee has never met or even talked with Coach Mendenhall, he is impressed with the man and where he is taking the program. "We're all wrestlers in our family and I have another son named Rex who is looking to walk on the football team this fall who tells me that they work the players harder than most wrestling coaches," said Dee. "I've never heard of football players working harder than wrestlers when they train, so in my mind Bronco is doing things right."

The men of the Oregon Doman clan are all wrestlers starting with Dee who wrestled while he attended BYU. "We're all wrestlers and we're all BYU guys," said Doman. "We used to send our kids to Ricks where they had a great wrestling program, but now they've done away with athletics there and they've unfortunately done away with wrestling at BYU, so I guess all my kids will play football. I just love BYU and I'm so happy to have my kids there."

Sam Doman will return from his mission in June of 2006 and will likely redshirt a year when he gets back. "Oh, we're just absolutely thrilled to have Sam be offered a scholarship to play for BYU," Dee declared. "Sometimes things just find a way to work themselves out. It didn't happen like we expected it, but in the end Sam got what he wanted and what we wanted for him, so we couldn't be more happy about it."

As fathers are wont to do, Dee Doman told TBS and in turn the BYU fans that they'd simply get the best quarterback they've ever seen. "You know how parents are, of course we think he's the best," Dee chuckled. "He's a very competitive kid who has a great arm. He's very mobile, but most of all he's a great leader and a great kid."

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