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BYU has extended another scholarship offer. This time Cougar coaches hope to glean talent from an Arizona high school that has already proved fruitful to the program. TBS got a reaction from the talented prospect to BYU's offer.

BYU coaches have already keyed in on top quality talent early in this recruiting year. Utah quarterback James Lark, Texas 5-A wide receiver McKay Jacobsen, California O-lineman Sione Fua, Utah running back Stanley Havili, Utah offensive linemen Braden Hansen and Oregon quarterback Sam Doman have all been offered scholarships by the BYU coaching staff, with Hansen and Doman already accepting.

TBS learned that the list of BYU offers has grown by one as Cougar coaches recently offered Arizona running back Glyndon Bolasky. Coming out of Sabino High School in Tuscon, Ariz. (home to current Cougars David and Quinn Gooch), Bolasky is a talented but humble athlete who grew up in a devout Catholic home.

"BYU has offered me," Bolasky said. "I feel great about that. Coach Tidwell has been great up there and he's actually recruiting me pretty hard. I've talked to him on the phone a couple of times and they're just really great people up there."

His physical stats accompanied by his on field and classroom performances have become an attraction for college coaches around the country.

"I'm 6'0", 190 and I run a 4.41," said Bolasky. "I think my shuttle is about a 4.2. I've gone to the U of A league camp last year as a sophomore and that was pretty good. It was a bit intimidating because me and my teammate were the only sophomores there.

"I had 1550 yards on 161 carries and 17 touchdowns. I had 135 yards on 6 receptions. It's fun to catch the ball once in awhile and hopefully I'll be able to get some more receptions this year. I love lifting weights in my off-time. I bench 275 and squat upwards of 405 and probably max out at around 495."

With numbers like that, it should be no surprise that the post-season honors have poured in for the young back. "I got First Team All-Southern Arizona and I was First Team All-Keno Region which is our region down here in Tucson for 4-A," Bolasky said. "I was Second Team All-State in Football 24/7 and Second Team All-State by the Arizona Republic and honorable mention by the 4-A Arizona coaches. I got player of the week for one of my games [280 yards on 30 carries] in one of the papers down here."

Last year, Bolasky's high school football team lacked senior talent at the running back position. That opened the way for him to show coaches what he could do on the field. Not only did local high school coaches take notice, but college coaches took interest as well.

"I think I had a great opportunity last year because there were no senior running backs, so it was a great opportunity for me to show what I had last year as a junior and I think that really helped me get a foothold on the recruiting and stuff," Bolasky said. "I have offers from New Mexico State, BYU, U of A and Georgia Tech right now. "I don't know what kind of major I would really be interested in yet, but I'm looking for a decent academic school. As far as academics goes, I think I'll soon be getting an offer from Stanford once my SAT comes in and that's pretty exciting. My GPA is 3.75."

Bolasky likes BYU for many reasons. First, it is a school he feels he would feel comfortable attending due to the religious nature that surrounds the university. Second, he really likes BYU linebacker coach Paul Tidwell.

"BYU recruited me early and that's nice," said Bolasky. "Just talking to them on the phone, they're great guys up there. I think Tidwell is a great guy and he seems like a guy that has great values. BYU is a little bit different than the other universities but I would like to be in a nice environment like that.

"I'm catholic and [BYU coaches] called my Priest and had a chat with them. I haven't been able to talk to my Priest yet but I guess he said some nice things about me because they did that before they sent me the offer."

Two major factors in Bolasky's decision will be an early opportunity to see the field and the quality of the program. "Playing time would be a big issue and then just the overall program and pretty much the whole thing, the facilities and pretty much the all that stuff," Bolasky said.

Bolasky indicated that he might come up to BYU's summer camp but first has to check his summer schedule out to make sure he can find the time to do so. Bolasky said BYU is definitely one that is on his to do list.

"I'm pretty sure I'd go on a visit in the summer or in the fall," he said. "I'm still trying to figure out my schedule but BYU is one on my list."

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