Fan Speak with Matt Reynolds

Matt Reynolds recently took time to answer questions from TBS subscribers. Reynolds talked about his thoughts on the coaching changes that involved his dad, his projected position in college, and the possibility that he could have ended up at the school north of town.

Question from TBS: At the college level, what position do you think you will gravitate toward?

Answer from Matt Reynolds: "I'm definitely going to play offensive line. I'll most likely be a tackle since that's where I played in high school and that's where I think I'm best suited"

TBS: What is there about that position, and about your football skills, that make it the best match? Say, compared with the next most likely position you might play?

Reynolds: "I feel that I move well and I'm tall. I'm sort of slender compared to most offensive linemen, so playing offensive tackle in college seems like the best fit for me. I could play guard if they want, but I've always played tackle and that's the position we've always assumed I would play."

TBS: How much can you bench?

Reynolds: "I haven't maxed out benching since before this last football season, but I think my highest was 320 or around that."

TBS: Have your family members given you any ideas how to stay in shape on a mission and how to recover from mission rust once you return?

Reynolds: "Lance was able to work out a lot on his mission, but it really depends a lot on who your mission president is and how much he'll allow. Some presidents will let you go to gyms and that sort of thing, work out on P-day or allow some special times."

"I'll just have to see what my mission president will allow. I'll do whatever I can, but I won't do anything my mission president won't allow. I'll always do sit-ups and push-ups in the morning. We'll just see how it goes."

TBS: Who was the best high school player you ever went up against?

Reynolds: "My older brother Dallas. He beat me just about all the time, but he really challenged me. Going against him taught me a lot and helped me against the other guys I went up against. I can't really point out anybody that stood out by name on different teams that I played against."

TBS: Matt, what do you think of BYU's spread offense?

Reynolds: "I love it. I feel it complements my strengths as a player and it's what BYU used to run. I've been to several practices and feel that I'll be able to play well in the system and blocking schemes that they run. I think the spreads are a perfect fit for me as a player."

TBS: It must have been tough to endure the coaching interview process and see your dad come so close to being named as the head coach. It would only be natural to feel some disappointment and some resentment towards BYU after that process. What are your emotions/thoughts on the subject now that a couple of months have gone by? How do you think your dad is feeling now? Does your dad have additional duties on the coaching staff now?

Reynolds: "I won't say that it wasn't tough at first when my dad didn't get the job, but as I've thought about it I think I'm getting the best of both worlds. My dad is very involved and sort of a second head coach. I respect Coach Mendenhall and I know that my dad does as well, so once I realized that I was getting the best of both worlds with having both my dad and Bronco as my coaches, then the decision was easy.

"My dad and our whole family are fine with it now. It's a perfect situation for all of us. Sometimes things don't work out like you first wanted them to, but now we can all see that it's a perfect situation for myself, my dad and everybody."

TBS: Now for the toughest question of all-- You wouldn't really have become a Ute if your dad had gone to coach up there, would you?

Reynolds: "I was looking at Utah and I definitely would have looked at them more if my dad had gone there. BYU was always my first choice, but I looked at other schools and I definitely would have looked more at Utah. I'm not saying that I would have gone to Utah for sure if my dad got hired there, but I would have certainly looked at them more."

TBS: What differences have you noticed in how the various schools have recruited you? How would you rate the recruiting push from the various schools that have contacted you?

Reynolds: "All of them were pretty much the same. I don't have any dirty recruiting stories or anything. The schools that came after me the hardest were BYU, Utah, ASU, Oregon and Cal. It seems as if I had the most contact with BYU and ASU looking back at it all. I feel that all schools were very fair and open with me. They backed off early on knowing who my dad was, but when I told them that I was interested, they showed more interest in me.

"I think a lot of recruiting and how hard schools go after you depends on how hard you go after them and how much interest you show in them. I don't know if my situation was unique at all, but when I showed interest, they came at me hard and when I didn't, they didn't push me or anything like that."

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